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What's Your Love Language?

During a Marriage counselling session in my therapy room she yelled and told him

"I still like you, but I'm done chasing you."

Men must understand here that, she wanted time, care and attention.

She may be insane,

but she is still wanting and,

still wanting more of him.

She may be expecting too much and/or she may not be able to express in a way he would understand

but that is the only way she feels assured that he loves her.

Are we regularly reassuring our partner that we still Love them OR that they are still important to us?

She may be typical,

but that is her way of claiming what she loves.

We are all different people and therefore we must know "what love means" for our partner before we commit or get into it. It is important not to rush.

If u are already into it,

it’s nice to once in a while ask our partner,

what does Love or what does marriage or parenthood mean to the other.

Now try and see if you can match you partner's meaning of the relationship,

if yes- then get into it.

If No, do not hurt them!

Let the sanity of individuals remain sane forever.

Would you like to learn more on the dynamics of relationships, self- love and the other?


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