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The treatment Aarti does is fantastic & has worked for me. In just 1 treatment I could feel the positive difference. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who wants a cure from any ailment without any side effects.

Karan Gupta - Education Counseller

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I was diagnosed with a heart condition called DCM (Dilated cardiomyopathy) since Aug 2010. Recently I was hospitalised due to shortness of breath and they doctors said I would have to go for a heart transplant. However, I wanted to look for alternative options.


I recently did an Access Consciousness session with Aarti Asrani to get help to see things in my life clearly using certain clearing statements.


She listens carefully to what I say and gets straight to the issue. She creates clearing statements for me which are recorded on my phone for my convenience so that I can keep playing them back again and again to release these blocks within me. It’s amazing. I’ve already done a couple session with her and they were very helpful. Ever since we started our sessions my life has started to open up to many new possibilities and options.


What I also like about Aarti is that she does not judge you for who you are or how you think. She just focuses on what you want and helps you get there. I’m very blessed to have gotten to know her during this phase of my life. 

Rishi Gangoly - Tech Specialist

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Very relaxing.... has improved my sleep tremendously... and fatigue has reduced considerably...

Abizer Petiwala - Investment Banker

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Aarti works amazingly well with the bars. Honestly, I was quite apprehensive to try something like this but now that I've seen such superb results on my knees I just can't wait to do more sessions with her .. A must try for everyone!:)

Anisha N - Fashion Designer

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I'm really thankful for the 2 SOPs I had with Aarti. It's hard to believe that it was so easy to get rid of all the negativity, guilt, restrictions, pain I was holding back. I feel rejuvenated and there is a complete change in my outlook. I was really looking for something.. some miracle which can drag me out of bad past experiences. I really wanted to start fresh. And Aarti made it happen. Thank u sooo much.

Anchal Malhotra

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It is a truly relaxing process. I felt much at ease and slept very well. It took away all my stress, really made me feel light
and woke up fresh and rested the next day.

Nitish Shah - Editor Chief Youth Inc Magazine

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Bars helped me to open up my mind towards relationships. I started looking at the larger picture than running behind smaller goals. I found peace and it helped me to remove blockages I had about some situations. It's a must try! I'm doing it next for my finances soon.

Hurlene Kharbanda - P.R Professional

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