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Love Hacks

If you too want to try out new things or spice up your current love relationship, then you should try this.

As you might already know, marriage is a long journey. And a bit of indulgence is required to keep the other interested.

It is true that when you are in a committed marriage, sometimes you feel that you are juggling too many things at once. The stress of multiple responsibilities can lead you to take the wrong steps and this might end up in disaster. So if you feel like you are drowning in a lot of responsibilities, you should remind yourself of how important your spouse is in your life. You must make sure that your priorities are right away or else, your relationship might suffer.

This can be easily done with Love Hacks and below are 3 simple ways to keep the spark alive,

Look into my eyes

As silly and simple as it may sound, you can build trust by simply looking into the other persons eyes. While you might be busy instagramming or speaking on the phone, take a time out when you are speaking with the other, and make eye contact. Continue the eye contact and actually listen to, not judge, what they are saying. Become aware of the signs of attraction, what about the person interests you and keep eye contact as it subconsciously makes the other feel safe and assures them that you are interested.

Hi there!! Adios

Daily moments are extremely important. It is not about how large but the small gestures count. There are several occasions in a day when you and your significant other part ways. Grocery shopping, dog walking, going on a business trip or simply to work, make it count.

Create 60 seconds of closeness while you greet the other or part ways. A hug, kiss, a warm “have a wonderful day”, “how was your day” or “I’ll miss you” could be ways to show your love. Include these as a ritual at greeting or separation points.. Feel it, vibe with it

When you schedule it you do it.

In the stressful, rat race scenario where people keep missing each other out it is important to consciously schedule date time with your significant other. If things are really busy look at the week ahead and pre schedule the time. You could even select short intervals of time to spend together – get coffee before work, workouts together, evening walks or some wine time after the kids go to bed one night. When you schedule it you do it. You could also add spontaneity when an opportunity shows up.

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