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Little Pleasures

"It is the little pleasure put together that make a happy life. You may dismiss your little pleasure as others may consider it insignificant. Do it anyway. It will bring you pleasure. It's your expression. Its your joy."

When I started the B52 challenge. I did not know how it would be. I did not have a list of 52 things I would be doing for 52 weeks. All I knew that

I was willing to have new experiences,

I was willing to do what I did not

I was willing to be judged,

I was willing to cross some boundaries

I was willing to be what it takes.

Today’s post I have combined week 5 & 6 together.

However insignificant it may sound to many, week before last I did something I could not for the last 20 years. It wasn’t anything big, and maybe rather insignificant to many but it was locked up in my heart. I did not do it earlier as I was always worried that I would be judged for it, laughed at and every time I thought about it, the comment “what’s wrong with her” kept playing in my mind like a loop.

So what was it? Hold and behold. It is minuscule. I got out of my car at a fuel pump, took the nozzel in my hand and filled petrol in my car by myself.

Nuts right! What’s the big deal? Well abroad it is a common phenomena but here in India it is unheard of, we have people do that for us. It was just for the thrill of it, it was for me to fulfil that one desire I had lingering for 20 years. If it has haunted me for 20 years, I do not want to die thinking I never did it. However small it may seem I wanted to experience it.

Aarti Asrani

What came out of it? I realized it was not a big deal to do that. Yes! I did have people stare at me while I did that but that was ok. I had fun. I smiled. I felt contented. Isn’t that what life is about. Happiness.

My question to you is. Have you ever done that? If not try it. Something so small can also make you feel alive. Happiness is found in small things too. It does not always have to be extraordinary.

The other thing I added to my life last week was food blogging.

So, my cousin who was a food blogger often told me stories about how she was invited to different restaurants to review the food. It sounded exciting and I also wanted in on the fun.

I threw this desire out into the Universe and not too far long after, I befriended a food blogger. It was not planned, it was the universe at work.

“The Universe Responds to the energy you are. The moment you put your desire out there the Universe starts to rearrange itself and it soon enough shows up” - Aarti Asrani

This friend of mine loves food and he loves to blog and gets invited to various places; lucky enough for me he invited me to come along. It was an amazing experience. We clicked pictures, ordered what we pleased, absorbed the ambience, chatted with the chef, the manager, wined and dined, left a handsome tip and wrapped up.

What I enjoyed the most was receiving everything without any point of views, judgments and expectations. The whole agenda was only to be present with everything. That’s what I really got.

When we go out to a restaurant with friends. We are there to have a good time. However, this experience was not about people, it was about being present with the place. Which I generally don’t do. I realized I was more present with my food, with the staff, with the ambience. It was a beautiful drama of all the sense coming together and giving a holistic experience.

Wow! I Felt Alive.

“Being Present is Being Alive” – Aarti Asrani

Where have you equated happiness to only the big achievements in your life?

What little experiences are you ready to have now that would contribute to your happiness?

Just Asking. Be Alive. Enjoy Today. Your litle pleasures all together make your happy life.

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