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Are you your biggest obstacle?

Are you your biggest obstacle?

What is that you’ve always wanted to do that u have never done?

Have you ever been in a place where you keep putting things onto tomorrow?

Do you always have an excuse for things not working for you?

Do you have lots of, once ………………….. happens I will start ……………?

Are you looking for that someone to come and rescue you?

Are you waiting for someone else to give you a break?

Do you love to dream but your dreams feel so distant?

Are you the one who is blocking your life and are you the one who is your biggest obstacle?

Its not one but many people I have come across who tend to be their biggest obstacle. Recently I met a lady, she is excellent at her work, very creative and can be an absolute encouragement but her problem is that she is her biggest obstacle.

She has always been waiting for the break, for someone to come along give her the platform, or someone successful to introduce her to other successful people so that she can become successful. That is some strange torture that the mind puts us through.

When I had a session with her two insights were highlighted.

1- One was that she knew a lot of people who she thought that could help her and when they don’t help her she gets disappointed with them that they did not help her.

2- As we progressed along the conversation. There was an interesting discovery that shifted her reality. It was far deeper. She realized that she was trying to piggyback on others so that she did not have to take the blame in the end if she failed. She could always say that they did not help me and hence I failed. Or it is because of them I failed I should have never trusted them.

WOW!! That was Some breakthrough.

How many of us are pushing the buck, making up stories for our failures?

What if from now we could actually start with gratitude for who we are, what we can create and wherever we are right now. Gratitude for self is the first step to creating the life that we desire.

Now that she has had this realisation she is finally free to play and free to create all she desires. She is free because she is not waiting for anyone or anything anymore. She is not waiting for someone else to create her life for her.

What if you could choose the same?

Start asking what is it that I would like my life to look like? What would it take for me to have that? What do I need to be or do to create that?

Have gratitude for who you are, the magic you are.

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