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The art of by nururing the self & the ot

Conscious Relationships is designed to provide participants the essential knowledge required to consistently upgrade and rise through the ever changing challenges that come with a relationship.

A relationship could be between a daughter and a mother, an employer and employee, a wife and husband, a salesmen and a client, your old self and the present, all these are relationships.

Through experiential activities, you will learn how to develop yourself and co-create with the other so as to enjoy a contributive, interdependant, yet independant life. 


While on this journey you will rediscover parts of you which have been dormant, learn to embrace the maps of the other and be in allowance of the existing paradigms, while working towards the vision you hold for yourself and fullness that you desire to experience. 

This certification workshop will enable you not only to better your relationship but also equip you with skills to become better at understanding relationships at home as well as work.  

How will you benefit?

Incorporating Tools & Techniques for Generative Relations

Identify Non-Negotiable for Self & Others

Offload Childhood Conditioning that Hinders Growth

Incorporate Collaborative Approches to Enjoy Current & Future Relationships

Increase Self-Love

Increase Profitability & Productivity 


Day: 1

Perception Theory 

Understanding individual Map Of The World, Definitions & Organisation

Perceptual Positioning

The Wisdom from Multiple Description

Breakups are not Breakdowns



Day: 2

Attraction & Repulsion:

Covalency, it’s Strength and Weakness

Why we form Bonds Why we Break up?

Communication & Intimacy



Day: 3

Growing Through Relations

Nurturing Self & Others

Creating a Generative Field


  • Understanding the "I"

  • Finding the Non Negotiable

  • Bringing in the Balance 

  • Communion

  • Sponsorship 

  • Keep the Spark Alive

  • Effective Communication 

  • Evolve Don’t Dissolve

  • Self-Love

  • Attracting Life Partner​

  • Co-Creation & Contribution

  • The Roles We Play 

  • Get Out Of Give and Take

  • The Inner Game 

  • It's Not Us Versus Them

  • Sex and Money 

  • Conscious Uncoupling

  • Celebration in Death

Enrolment Plans


INR 12,000

  • For Self - Application / Students

  • Pre - Kit

  • Post - Kit

  • E-book

  • LIVE Training 6th-7th-8th

INR 12000/-


INR 15000

Most Popular

  • For Self - Application / Students / Coaches / Trainers

  • Pre - Kit

  • Post - Kit

  • E-book

  • LIVE Training 6th-7th-8th

  • Follow up trainings  

  • Certification 

  • Access to an added 2 hrs course. 

INR 15000/-


INR 18000

  • For Self - Application / Students / Coaches / Trainers 

  • Pre - Kit

  • Post - Kit

  • E-book

  • LIVE Training 6th-7th-8th

  • Follow up trainings  

  • Certification 

  • Access to an added 2 hrs course. 

  • 10 Books authored by Anil & Aarti

  • 2 personal sessions with Aarti

  • Goal Setting Course

INR 18000/-

Who is this workshop for?


  • Individuals interested in learning the Tools of NLP & Gestalt

  • Trainers

  • Counsellors

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Students Of Psychology 

  • Healers

  • Individuals Seeking to Better Relationships with Self

  • Individuals Seeking to Better Relationships at the Workplace

  • Individuals looking to Attract a Relationship

  • Newly Weds

  • Couples - Married or Planning to get Married

  • Divorced or Separated


August 6th - 2:30pm - 6:30pm

August 7th - 2:30pm - 6:30pm

August 8th - 2:30pm - 6:30pm

August 28th - 8:30pm - 10pm​

September 25th - 8:30pm - 10pm​


October 23rd- 8:30pm - 10pm​


Step 1:​ Pay INR 5000/- and block seat

Step 2: Complete Registration Process By Mid July

Step 3: Get Access To Pre Work A Week

Before Workshop

Step 4:​ Attend LIVE sessions (Online) 

Step 5: Experience, Transform & Practice The Tools

Step 6: Get Certified 

Meet Your Coaches


Anil Thomas

NLP & Gestalt Master

Anil is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist. He owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D.


Anil conducts the 'Global Certification Courses' based on the Classic (original) Code integrating the depth alchemy of New code and the 3rd description. He has authored more than 10 books in the space of Neurolinguistics, Mental Health and Gestalt Therapy.


He was introduced first to NLP in 2007 when he first met Fr. Dick in Mumbai. He further learnt NLP with the co-developers such as Robert Dilts (USA) & Judith (Judy) DeLozier (Russia).


Anil is a serious student of the field and has been blessed with opportunities to conduct sessions internationally as well in Australia, Russia, HongKong, Thailand, America, China a few to mention.


He strongly believes in the maxim "It takes two to know one" and he models Judy in his training career. He is the founding member and editor-in-chief of the 'International Journal on Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Psychology'.

Aarti Asrani

Law Of Attraction & Consciousness Coach

Aarti is a TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, Law Of Attraction & Consciousness Coach, NLP & Gestalt Master Practitioner, Psychotherapist, & a Health & Wellness Consultant.


She has over 24 International Certifications in her field, has authored three books  and has helped people across the globe to overcome health, life and emotional issues like finance, stress, migraine, depression, separation, vertigo, anxiety, fear, addictions and more. 

She has trained over 4500 people on subjects like “Money Consciousness"  “Law of Attraction” “Universal Consciousness” “Conscious Living” and “Conscious Bodies” amongst others. 

Her clientele includes many business professionals like Editor-Chief Youth Incorporated, High Fashion photographer Amit Khanna, Screenplay Writer Niranjan Iyengar, Dr Karan Gupta, WAT Consultants, Lowe Lintas and Times Group among others.

Her aim is to add more joy in this world through consciousness. 

Aarti Asrani.jpg


  • What is Conscious Relationships?

A  certified program designed to provide participants the essential knowledge required to consistently upgrade and rise through the ever changing challenges that come with a relationship. The workshop is about the self and the other. Hence, we begin with building a solid foundation for the "I", that waters the relationship rather than depleting it with insecurities, baggages and redundant patterns. When the self is whole all the relationship can thrive not just survive. And as you build yourself with experiential activities you alongside dive into learning about the maps of the other.


Relationships are on the dynamic frame of consistent growth. You will learn about how to embrace the changes and continue emerge with the changing scenario. Communications are healthier, self-love is abundant and creation is sky rocketing.


The workshop is experiential and you will learn that there is in no need to divorce yourself in order to enjoy any relationship. 


  • How does it work?

During the workshop you will learn to delete old redundant patterns and set in new program for your mind in order to respond to the every changing dynamics of relationships with ease and grace. It will equip you with skill sets for a healthier, contributive and growing relationship. The learnings will not just be experienced, but you can further take it into all areas of your life and guide others too.

  • How much time do I need to invest?

There will be 1.5hrs of pre-work assigned before the workshop and 1.5 hrs post the workshop.

Besides the workshop is LIVE online on 6th 7th & 8th of August (Fri-Sat-Sun) from 2:30pm-6:30pm. 

Follow up sessions will be on Aug 28th, Sept 25th, Oct 23rd (Saturdays) 8:30pm-10pm.

Total of 20 hrs of your time will be invested. 

  • Where and What time is the workshop?

LIVE online class will be conducted on 6th 7th & 8th of August (Fri-Sat-Sun) from 2:30pm-6:30pm. 

Follow up sessions will be on Aug 28th, Sept 25th, Oct 23rd (Saturdays) 8:30pm-10pm.

And you can further connect on WhatsApp community for any questions. Hence you have the benefit of LIVE class, WhatsApp Community and replays for convenience. 

  • What if I have any questions?

You can always ask any of your questions related to the topic on the WhatsApp group. I will reply to the same with an audio note or a write up.


  • What is the investment?

We have three plans. 

Plan 1: 12000 INR

Plan 2: 15000 INR

Plan 3: 18000 INR

(Refer to plans for more information on the same) 

  • A brief overview

  1. This session will include knowledge as well as an experiential activities.

  2. Replay of the class highlights will be provided.

  3. Downloadable PDF’s and exercise sheet will be some more resources 

  4. Certification will be provided once the class and all the pre and post activities are completed. 

  • How do I enrol?

Step 1 : Invest INR 5000/- to block seat Click here

Step 2: You will receive a registration form after the investment.  Else you can access it here.

Step 3: You will get added to a group by the 25th of July 2021

Step 4: You will receive the preparatory Kit by 31st July 2021

Step 5: You begin a new journey on 6th August at 2:30pm

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