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Have you ever wondered why you don't have the money you desire? 

While you may understand investments and trading do you know anything about the energy of money? And How you can attract it into your life? 

You are invited to change your relationship with money $$ 

A workshop conducted by Aarti Asrani who is not just a TED speaker but also a Bestselling Author, Internationally certified Access Facilitator, and an NLP & Gestalt Master Therapist

What will we cover?

- What is money?
- Your relationship with money
- How to invite money
- The lie of scarcity
- Old belief systems
- The source of money

How will you benefit?


- Breakthrough Old Belief Systems

- Adopt a new Perspective To Attract Abundance

- Break Patterns Of Poverty

- Build On Your Relationship with Money

- Unlock The Secret Language of Wealth

- Start attracting more money
- Open yourself to abundance
- Add new resources of money
- Change your vibrational energy with wealth.
- Open up your blocked energies

Feeling intrigued, aren't you?

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