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Consciousness Calls

What If You Could Blow Up All That Is Blocking Your Path To Where You Desire To Be?

Enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Health, Relationships & Growth

Why Consciousness Calls?

What you are exposed to and the number of biases that humans have, colours the way we view the world. This lens that we wear, the beliefs that we have, the limitations that we buy in our childhood, all these factors then comprise of the maps that we hold and the way we respond to the world. The unfortunate part is that these remote learnings could pose a threat to our growth. It could constitute the stuckness we feel on the way to our desired goal, whether money, relationships, health, creativity or any other. Until we allow for this to transform these subconscious chatter, through awareness, we continue to vacillate in these lower zones and all our conscious efforts go in vain. 


You are invited to let go of redundant beliefs and patterns in order to step into possibilities that were being held back by stories, conditioned mindsets and limitations. Join us for power packed sessions to blow away any and all solidifications and stuckness you feel in the area of your life that matters to you. This workshop is a combination of science and the knowing, the conscious and the unconscious. It is based on the Meta Model of Neurolinguistics and movement of Conscious Energy that exists in the entire universe including YOU!

Awareness Sets You Free


Are Your Ready For An Upgrade?


Effortlessly Let Go 

STOP Generational Pattern & Beliefs

Woman with Flower Pattern Shirt

Enjoy Health, Wealth & Relationships

Through Awareness


Feel Empowered: 

As you move towards your desire


Progress Easily

As you have more choices to choose from.

You can be like most people and settle for what you think you can get and simply wish you could be, do and have more.



This program is for you if you have ever said anything like this

This is the only choice I have

Money does not grow on trees

I get the seasonal flu

This is all age related.

I know I have healing hands.

Only hard earned money is well deserved

I have tried everything, nothing seems to work

True love does not exist

It's my Karma

I feel like a Zombie. I don't get sleep at all.

It is good to put others first

Success comes to those who work hard and never give up

This is the story of my life

It is my responsibility to take care of my family

I dont know how to say "No"

My mother has taught me never to get angry

Change takes time


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What Participants Have To Say

Dipti Lahori Nazare

Aarti has a knack for asking such simple yet powerful questions that invariably changes and creates new thought patterns!


I still remember the day she asked me “Are you God?” that question was like a powerful blow to everything I was holding on to or trying to control! 


The way she asked her questions made me aware that half the stories/beliefs that were in my head weren’t even mine to begin with and the freedom that came with all the clearing statements made me detach from everything that didn’t serve me and look at things from a new perspective.

Dipti Lahori Nazare.jpeg

Tanya Bedi

I have leaned on Aarti for certain situations three to four times during the past few years and her questioning patters have not only brought a lot of awareness but also have worked for me every time and cleared the issue.


It’s become my second nature to return to the questioning style and I have always experienced positive shifts 

Tanya .png

Reality is a perception of your inner world. Most Of Your Stress Comes From The Way You Respond. Not The Way Life Is.  

Choice Creates Reality

Imagine You Are Equipped With
Tools For A Progressive Mindset

Program Details

Online Zoom

Starting 1st Feb

8:30pm- 9:30pm

INR 1499 per


Meet Your Trainer

Aarti is a TEDx Speaker & associated with

uttam galva.jpg

Aarti is a  NLP & Gestalt Master Therapist, Manifestation Coach, TED speaker, Bestselling Author & a Health & Wellness Consultant.


With over 24 International Certifications in her field, she has authored four books and coached people globally to overcome money, health, life and emotional issues like finance, stress, migraine, depression, separation, vertigo, anxiety, fear, addictions and more. 

Aarti Asrani.jpg

The Way Forward

Choose The Plan That Suits You Best


You can choose to experience just 1- Session


You can choose to enjoy

1- Month Access.


You can have the privilege to change all areas of your life with 3-Month Access

Program Outcomes

  • Shift negative chatter and stuckiness that comes between you and you healing your body. 

  • Recognise Secondary gains and Offload Unwanted Patterns.

  • Learn to stay in optimum emotional state by weaving in State Management.

  • Release the unconscious narratives.

  •  Boost self confidence, raise self esteem, program new self talk for better mind and physical health

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Contact Us

Whatsapp +919819303355

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