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Welcome to Your Abundance

Based on your responses calculate the total score by assigning numerical values to each option as follows: A=1, B=2, C=3, and D=4. Then add up the values of all chosen responses to obtain the total score.

    Total Score 1-16 or Maximum A's.   

Work on Your Relationship with Money

Your relationship with money needs attention. Recognize the patterns of pushing it away and negative self-talk. Would you treat a close friend the same way? Start by observing your language around money. Transforming this relationship starts with awareness.

Increase Your Receiving Capacity

Open yourself to receiving from yourself and others. Prioritize self-care and self-love. Reflect on what contributes to your well-being. When you value yourself, external validation becomes less significant. Shift focus from judgments to self-fulfillment.

Know Yourself and Set Clear Goals

Define clear goals and take action. Stop feeling like a victim and seize opportunities that come your way. Setting goals, envisioning them, and taking steps towards them is essential. No one but you can change your circumstances.

Shift Your Mindset

Challenge scarcity thinking and embrace abundance. Hoarding and controlling finances only breed unhappiness. Practice gratitude for what you have. Changing your mindset is key to breaking free from scarcity mentality and creating abundance in all areas of life.

    Total Score 16 - 32 or Maximum B's.  

Improving Your Relationship with Money

Recognize your tendency to create a negative correlation with money. While managing through rough tides, focus on steering towards smoother zones. Leverage your strengths to improve this relationship. Be mindful of your self-talk and conversations about money.

Enhancing Your Receiving Capacity

Break down barriers to receiving from yourself and others. Prioritize self-care and self-love to shift focus from external validation to self-fulfillment. Stop silencing your own voice to please others. Treat yourself with the same respect you desire from others.

Self-Awareness and Taking Responsibility

Avoid playing the victim or blaming external factors for setbacks. Instead, commit to your growth and success. Take responsibility for your choices and actions. Stop dragging along negativity and focus on moving forward towards a better life.

Shifting Your Mindset

Release the fear of lack and scarcity. Trust in the abundance of the Universe and be open to exploring and investing. Shift focus from problems to possibilities. Embrace a mindset of abundance by participating in exercises to boost positivity and abundance mindset.

Total Score 1-30 or Max A's
    Total Score 32-48 or Maximum C's.   

Maintaining a Balanced Relationship with Money

Your relationship with money is 50-50, neither great nor bad, but comfortable. While managing well and attracting money when needed, consider if you're settled in this comfort or desire more. Increasing your ease with money is possible by being open to receiving more.

Balancing Receiving and Giving

As a people’s person, you maintain a balance between giving to others and caring for yourself. Opinions rarely disturb you, but beware of blocking positive opportunities through permanent ignorance. Enhance your receiving capacity by staying present and embracing diverse perspectives.

Self-Awareness and Motivation

You recognize the potential for change but may lack motivation to push beyond your comfort zone. To achieve your goals, clarify your values and focus on your purpose. Stay committed and focused on what you desire to avoid procrastination.

Mindset and Trust

While having faith in yourself and the Universe, doubts may linger, hindering full trust and progress. Embrace abundance by observing it daily and engaging in exercises to amplify it. Strengthen your trust in the abundance of the Universe to overcome doubts and manifest your desires.

    Total Score 48 - 64 or Maximum D's.  

Embracing a Positive Relationship with Money

Your relationship with money is beautiful, happy, and enjoyable. You feel blessed and grateful for the continuous flow of abundance in your life. This positive energy attracts more abundance across all areas of your life.

Openness to Receiving and Self-Love

You are open to all possibilities and deeply love yourself and life itself. Your positive energy is contagious, drawing people to you who enjoy gifting and being around you. Your self-love and gratitude create a magnetic connection with the universe, inviting even more abundance into your life.

Clarity of Goals and Action-Oriented Mindset

You are clear on your goals and believe in working towards them with dedication and action. While organized planning is important, beware of perfectionism that may cause unnecessary delays. Allow growth to happen with ease and continue moving forward towards your dreams.

Optimistic Mindset and Continuous Flow

You are an optimist who sees possibilities in every situation, motivating others to do the same. Enjoying a happy relationship with money, you understand the continuous flow of inflow and outflow. Unafraid of losing money, you trust in your ability to create it again whenever needed. While content with your current financial situation, you remain open to receiving even more abundance. Consider engaging in exercises to uncover and overcome any personal blocks, unlocking a new level of abundance in your financial reality.

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