Visual Boards


Visual board is also known as a dream board is a way to visually exhibit what you would like to attract into your life. Whether it is money, relationship, dream house, romance or something else entirely, you could use a visual board in order to attract it. A vision board is very helpful for people who find it difficult to close their eyes and picture what they would like to have in their life. It is also a brilliant way to know exactly what one desires and have absolute clarity about it. Unless one knows what one desires it is quite unfair to expect the Universe to know it and this is exactly where we are at the mercy of our circumstances and complain that we don’t have what we desire. 


In order to create the visual board find pictures online, in magazines, photographs or any other place which symbolizes the feelings, experiences, and possessions you would like to attract into your life. It is important to do this as a joyful process. Apart from photographs, you could also use anything else that you connect with, including pictures of yourself, especially of your happy moments. Any thoughts, inspirational quotes, affirmations that inspire can be added to this board. 


This board could be depicting your entire life or just one specific area, for example, board for finance, for personal life, for family among others. It is a good idea not to clutter the board, keeping it neat and selective using images and words that represent your ideal future. Everything that you put up on the boar must arouse a positive emotion in you. 


A visual board is an inexpensive way of connecting with your desires and a future self. You can place the visual board in your office, on your bedside table or upon a wall that is in your vision so that you are constantly motivated and your subconscious is able to store that message clearly.