Date: 24th November 2018


Important Note: The terms will be modified when the prices for the services change. You will be notified by email when these modifications are made.


The referral program is currently available for the following services:

·      Access Bars Workshop

·      Personalized Mentorship Program

·      1-Day Allow Your Success Program


Sign-up and Refer:

After you sign-up, we will have all the information we need to make payment to you after we receive a referral from you. To refera person click on Refer and submit the details of the person you wish to refer. We will contact the person and get them to sign-up for the service.


Referral Fees:

·      We pay you Rs. 1250 for every paid Access Bars Workshop referral only

·      We pay your Rs. 5000 for every paid Personalized Mentorship Program referral only

·      We pay you 25% for the support option the customer purchases


If you are attending the workshop for yourself, the referral fee (or 25% discount) is not applicable unless you have earned a referral fee for referring at least two of your contacts to us prior to signing up for our workshop.


Payout Process:

·      We receive the money in our bank account

·      We will send you a statement of paid references by the 5th of the following month

·      You need to send us an Invoice by the 10th

·      We payout commissions by the 15th




·      You may request to terminate your account for any reason by sending the same in writing

·      We may terminate your account if we feel you are misuing the referral program or mis-representing our services in anyway.