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Visualization Technique To Attract Money.

Visualization Technique To Attract Money.

I have been asked about visualization plenty of times. And here is one technique you will thoroughly enjoy.

Do it at least once a day right after you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed.

Of course, don’t limit yourself to this schedule.

Whenever you feel like you want to visualize what you want during the day, do it for a few minutes.

As Abraham Hicks once said, “Don’t force your visualization; receive it.”

How to do?

Find yourself a quiet place with no disturbance.

Either sit down on a chair or lie down so that you are comfortable.

Close your eyes and take 5 to 10 deep breaths.

Breath in with your nose and breath out with your mouth.

Relax your body when you are taking those deep breaths.

Now, come up with an amount of money in your mind that you want.

Have a clear picture of that number in your mind.

Now, see that number in your mind is showing up in your bank account.

Visualize yourself as a first-person looking at your e-banking account that X amount of money is here.

In your account.

Keep your eyes closed, internalize and smile.

Once you feel the joy release this moment.

You don’t know why and how the money is here, but it is here.

Hope you practice this. And once it shows up, do remember to PING! me. Would love to hear from you.


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