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An Epidemic Can Be Prevented


You are so close But still so far I can reach for you But cannot feel your heart We may connect But silence takes over We see each other every day But we are drifting apart What is causing this emptiness? Where did I lose you? Why am I so lonely? Where do I belong?

In the last few years, I have come across tons of people who are feeling a void, a lack of connection and loneliness. To tell you quite honestly I have struggled through this pain myself and something I can relate to.

Man is a social animal and each one of us has this need to “Belong” to feel connected. Researches have shown that the body undergoes a sense of physical pain when it goes through loneliness and rejection. If the person is undergoing loneliness for a prolonged period the body can experience health issues similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Loneliness is not about the number of people you know, it is not being a social butterfly or socially popular. It is about having connections where you feel at ease, non-judged and in absolute allowance. Where your soul feels embraced and you feel loved.

Studies have shown that loneliness could be the next biggest public health issue. The reason why we are getting lonelier could be innumerable like nuclear families, social media, age and so on. However, what is it that we can do about this? Is what we need to look at.

What I would like to place as a top priority is “GRATITUDE”. We have to come to a realization that in today’s day and age every single person is caught up with loads of responsibilities and to do lists. We may have certain expectations from our family members, friends and colleagues and they may not be able to live by them. It is then it becomes essential that we drop expectations and develop an attitude of gratitude for all that they can be or do for us. As individuals, we tend to dig our own grave as we spiral down the path of complaint. One complaint leads to another and before we know it we are in this hell hole all alone. So replace all your complain with gratitude for each person and what they can contribute to your life and all that they can be. Each person is there to play a special role, acknowledge how each one contributes to your life and be grateful for them for however long they can be and all that they can contribute.

The next revelation is to "CONNECT TO SELF". Each one of us is a beautiful, beautiful individual having our own strength and magnificence. However, in the daily hustle bustle, we tend to lose that spark we had as a child. The wonderment of touching fire or swimming in the river. The excitement of playing with a frog on the field or riding the horse. The experience of building a sandcastle or of climbing a tree. That was YOU once upon a time. You enjoyed all of that whether you had someone with you or you were doing it all alone. These moments of connection with self are just as important as connecting with anyone else. These moments bring out your true essence, your will to live more, and the excitement to be and share this joy with others. The more you explore yourself the more you learn about you. The more you love yourself the more you are loved. So work on your relationship with yourself and unveil the beauty of your life. Be grateful for this relationship with yourself too.

Now I know that some of us might not even know where to begin or what to do and as a professional coach and therapist I invite you to “An Ear To Hear”.

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