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I'm so Lonely

Mental Health is often ignored as it is not visible to the eye, forget being visible to eye, even if one knows that one needs some help one tends to ignore it with the fear of stigma connected to Mental Health.

Research shows that in India alone 1 out of 20 people are hit by this condition and even though it is a mental state there are some prominent physical symptoms to look out for, such as

  • Reduced Sex Drive

  • Decreased Appetite

  • Sleep Disorder – Over sleeping or Insomnia

  • Chronic Fatigue

One likes to disconnect from people and moves into a shell.

If ignored it can lead to increase in rate of heart disease, substance abuse, increase in stress hormones and fall in immunity levels making it difficult for the body to fight diseases.

What I would like to address is loneliness. As depression may not lead to loneliness but loneliness can often lead to depression.


In today’s day and age a whole lot of depression is also due the loneliness caused by Social Media and the impact it has on us. Social Media creates unrealistic levels for individuals to match up to, and those prone to such information are victims of it. In order to battle this, the 1stthing one needs do is to be aware of the fact, that all the information put on various social media platforms by individuals is UNREAL just like the movies. Pictures are photoshopped, glamour is added and fake smiles are highlighted. The hits we get impact our moods and we have got strangely stuck in this “Game”. It reminds me of the movie “surrogate” a sad state of no connection just pretence.

NOW,what needs to be done is to take a conscious step towards your precious life. Start by limiting your social media time and consciously cut out a large chunk of your day to make human connections.


Yes it is tough especially when you are in the state of mind that I don’t give a shit. I just want to lie here all day and do nothing. It is at that moment that you have to give a shit, coz it’s your life. If you don’t soon enough no one will.

Get shit done.

  • Listen to motivational videos,

  • Ask yourself what would you life to look like?

  • Play some pepped up music in the background to shake things up.


A common phenomenon is when one is in that low life condition one tends to say “NO” to everything. Start by changing that attitude. When a friend calls for coffee say “Yes”, plans are made say “Yes” want to get out for a walk? say “Yes.” Continue to consciously choose more, choose “Yes” and get yourself out of that mode.


Dogs tend to get you out, they are playful, friendly and you have a living being to care about. In you cannot, for some reason get a pet find a way to take care of other people’s pets or stray dogs. The have a natural healing effect on life.


It is not difficult and frankly it can also be done while you just lie there. We all have access to YouTube, which continues to provide various mediations. All you need to do is play it. As you go from one to the next ,the healing process will begin, there will be more awakening, letting go of baggage and manifestation of a new thought process.


If you still find it difficult to get out of this state it is recommended that you consult a professional for help. Remember that depression is the same as any other health issue one may have. For all body ailments you go to the doctor and for the mind to a therapist.


Alternate to the above you can also get in touch with an Access Bars Practitioner in order to get your mind de-cluttered through a therapeutic, scientifically proven method called "Running The Bars", which will clear your mind and uplift your mood.