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The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. It is a concept when a butterfly flaps its wings it can cause a typhoon.

Monday morning as I awoke I was set up to have a new experience. The experience of teaching in a village called Kurar.

I miscalculated the time and hence had to hop into a Mumbai Local from Churchgate instead of an Uber to be there on time by 11 am.

When you consciously choose to have an experience you are mentally ready to handle things that come your way. Despite the change in transport, rain catching up, travelling through the narrow lanes and finally being dropped off at the wrong destination life was still looking up. I was joyful because I was looking forward to contributing a part of my life and time on a Monday morning at a place where I could make a difference.

Finally, after entering a narrow passage just enough for one person to walk through, meeting and greeting the goats on the way, I reached the petite entrance of St Thomas Mar Thoma School.

You may ask why village?

What is the purpose of the experience?

I would start by saying why not?

What good are wings without the courage to fly?

What good is learning if you are not willing to share?

It is easy to do things within one's comfort zone and why not do that but once in a while it is nice to get out your comfort zone, test what you are made of coz when you do that you have experienced something new and grown some more.

Coming back to the school. There was much to learn and become aware of.

The children are no different. They were ready to learn. Ready to play. Distracted at the same time attentive. They had the same spark for life like anyone else. They had a mystery about themselves and they were willing to explore and know more. All they needed now was a hand to guide them. It could be any hand. That day I lent mine.

The topic of discussion was Focus & Meditation. However, I like to do things differently and involve my audience. We ended up having a very interactive and experiential session.

Yes! Amongst them, there were some that were distracted however most of them were interested. Their eyes twinkled as I spoke of their future with them, as they were introduced to new ways creating a life they desire and suggestions on how they could get there. The starting point of all achievement is desire and if I was able to plant that desire even in just a couple of their hearts my work was done and in the future, they can achieve their aspirations through focus and meditation.

My innate desire has been to contribute to the greater good of the world in my way. Sometimes we don’t know how. At other times people may find it overwhelming. The whole point is, one life at a time, and I believe just like the butterfly effect me impacting one individual can change the world.

Keep your thoughts positive and interactions healthy, you could be creating a typhoon somewhere.

Do leave your feedback I would love to hear your personal experiences.