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The Long Awaited Affair #Week3

Is there an affair that you always wanted to have but never did? Maybe it is time to do that now...

For the longest time, I did not pay heed to it. The feeling just continued to linger on. I thought about it often. But also had my excuses. I finally decided to do it. I chose it because it is for me.

I chose to have my long awaited affair with a guitar.

The soothing sound of someone strumming my favourite song,

The experience of holding one myself,

The desire to always have one and enjoy it.

BUT I also had the EXCUSE for not having the time.

I have been in that hole for the longest time. To give you a short recap, I love music, it makes me happy. The first time I saw someone play the guitar live was my childhood crush. I totally enjoyed the melody and was fascinated how one can express themselves through it. Finally, when I was in college a dear friend gifted me a guitar just out of the blue. I took it further by even enrolling myself in a class but soon got too busy to go to it. The guitar moved from my room to the loft and soon enough during Diwali cleaning my mom donated it.

The longing always remained, time just passed and before I knew it 17 years had passed without me doing anything about it.

I took up this longing as my #Be52 challenge. I decided no more delay. My dear friend Nishaan lent me his guitar for a week as I wanted to make sure what I was getting into, soon enough we went shopping together for my guitar to Furtado’s.

Since the last 2 years every time I would pass Furtado at Metro I would think to myself, when will I buy that guitar? So stepping into that store was very exciting for me.

I didn’t even have to look. It was love at first sight, I saw her hanging there and I knew it was she. She finally found me.

Yes, the affair had begun. But I know that in an affair it is good to give space to keep it alive and it's fun to make new discoveries each day so adapted a 20 minutes a day strategy. As I keep busy I take guitar lessons at my suitable time online.

Well for some it may not be professional. Some may think it will take a long time before you get there and yet others may think I’m only playing the fool. To all those people it’s my journey, I’m in no rush, I don’t have to be a pro, I am doing it for FUN and because I enjoy it. It doesn’t matter how long before I learn the notes but my journey of 20 minutes with my guitar has begun.

Now we are having a 20-minute affair each day. Getting from one base to the next if you know what I mean… Lol. Yes! You see we like to go slow and this time we would like to go all the way.

Looking forward to hearing about your musical affair.

Do leave your comments. What have you always longed for? And what excuses are you making to never get there?