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Game Of Life

“GAME OF LIFE – Enjoy The F**k Out Of It”

The last three weeks have been a reality check.

I have been in and out of hospitals.

My friend lost her father

My father had a heart attack

My father in law has been in and out of the hospital

Two people I know tried to commit suicide, one succeeded.

And two others I know passed away due to old age.

This got me thinking and I realized that many of us including myself have at some point pondered our existence.

Why are we here?

What is my purpose?

What am I meant to do?

How do I live?

And there are yet others who just go with the flow, not bothered, not living and they don’t even know when, but the flow just stops.

I am no one to judge. There is no one-way to live. There is no right or wrong way to live and I am certainly not saying choose my way. It is up to every individual.

But it is the “Game Of Life”, and the final round depends on how well we all play it.

Here is a thought.

What if you could just stop the why’s, if’s and when’s and start living?

What if you started actively participating in the creation of you life?

What if the purpose of your existence is just to “enjoy” and live your best?

What if there no in depth secret to your life that you have to uncover and only once you uncover that, then you can live?

One perspective is, look at life as a “GAME.” The fact that we are here means that we have chosen to play it. The idea of this game is to have maximum experience in the minimum time that we have been given, and make the best exit out.

There is no competition with another because it is your own personal game, “You are the conscious creator of your life” and the challenge is to live it to the fullest. You can choose your experiences, you can decide when to move forward, what to hold back on and which direction you would like to stir it.

In this game one may come across problems and challenging situations but if one harps over it and chooses to love and cajole it and give it all the attention rather than living and enjoying life itself, then the game of life becomes a battle.

So How should one play?

Each can have their unique set of rules based on their value system.

The way I look at it is,

Yes! There will be work

And family most definitely

There would be some problems

And also few surprises

But that is called going with the flow. That is the way everyone lives and the flow that probably everyone follows, but how fun is it?

I am talking about “Living” - "Actual Living"

I am daring to have more

Choosing to grow

Willing to learn

Ready to Fail

Excited to Exceed

Present to try

I choose to experience life and then I chose to acknowledge, take in every moment and be grateful for it.

My life will be a “celebration”

And when I exit I would like to state

“I lived

I experienced

I enjoyed the f**k out of it”

I invite you to be a part of my exploration as I take on this new journey of #BE52

Every week I will post where I dared to be more and have more.

For all those wondering if I am going to die soon?? Well not at all… I’m just starting to Live.