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Possibilities, Changes & The Volatile Markets

Possibilities, Changes and The Volatile Markets

When the markets are volatile, the uncertainty tends to make people feel unsettled. What are the different emotions that come into play?

There can be

  • Anxiety

  • Upset

  • Fear

  • Palpitations

  • Health issues may crop up

If there is just one term you could use for all of this, it would be “Stress”

Individuals tend to look at stress in two different ways. One set of people look at it as a “THREAT” and the other as a “CHALLENGE”.

The people who look at it as threat their bodies orients itself in that manner and soon submits to the pressure and the others who look at it as a challenge rise to it and it does not effect their overall health or productivity.

My aim here is to make you aware on how you can rise to the changes and be stress free.

So let us conduct a small experiment here in order make you more aware of yourself and how you tend to look at Stress.

Do you recall the market downfall in 2008? – What did you feel at that time looking at the mayhem that was created around you?

November 2017 demonetization – Ask yourself how did you react to that?

Did you take it with a pinch of salt? Did you submit to it? Or rise to the occasion?

And now going beyond… What if other policies and implementations coming into play in the future are not in your favour? How would you react to that?

Well, I am not trying to scare you; I am here to make you aware of yourself and to show you a different POSSIBILITY.


Whenever something goes out of the comfort zone, people tend to look at it as a problem? A problem that needs to be solved? They then go into decisions, judgments, calculations and conclusions about the outcome? They also tend to be constantly influenced by the world around, how people around are reacting, the news channels, newspapers, forwards, messages on WhatsApp and social media. Based on these external influences they make decisions about life, business, react and create stress.

Everybody's focus goes right to how “the change” is a “problem”. And by being focused on the problem the problem never changes.

The common response is “ Now what” “we are doomed”

People tend to cut back, hold back and make changes not out of possibilities but out of fear.

  • Fear of loosing

  • Fear of not having

  • Fear of next what

  • Fear of lack

I am not saying everyone is the same. Yes! There are some who rise to the challenge of change but many others who fall. The 1st point I would like you to consider today is.

Are you willing to move from problem to possibility?

Instead of concluding that you are doomed are you willing to ASK “ what is possible here?”

In the face of setbacks and failures Richard Branson says “Even when a venture has failed, we try to look for opportunities, to see whether we can capitalize on another gap in the market”

His attitude is of “What else is possible now? “What are the opportunities?”

Here you may like to say that I am no Richard Branson.

The difference between you and him would be merely the energy that each one of you is being. He may be eternal optimist and you could call yourself practical.

Here I would like to present to you an analogy. Have you heard about the medical school symptom? It is basically when a student goes to medical school after going through the diseases and the symptoms in the books the student feels that he has all of them.

Hasn’t that happened around you? When the dengue fever was rampant even a common cold and headache people would Google and go into the conclusion that they might have dengue.

I have had clients called me in distress“ You know Aarti Google says, this… this…. this…. and I have these symptoms I might have dengue”

This was to show you how people connect themselves to every problem that happens around them and then conclude that they might be next.

Similarly, when you look at the market, just because Jack’s business got wrapped up during the 2008 downfall or Peter halved his assets during the demonetization that does not mean that you are next.

And even if the market is volatile are changes happening look for the Possibilities in the change.

They key to be stress free, have a happier, more productive and fulfilling life is to be positive in the face of challenges and keep looking for “Possibilities”.

“Relaxed not Stressed” are the people who have a positive outlook, and one way to stay positive is always keep looking for POSSIBILITIES in every changing situation.