Expand Don't Contract

December 15, 2017




When things are going beautifully in our lives. Finally, all our ASKS start showing up. Work is moving, success on its way you are meeting more and more people, adding new things to your life every day, reading, writing, exploring, travelling, creating, it sometimes can get overwhelming and you might want to stop and take a break. 

What happens when you take that break? And how long does that break go on for you?

A while back I was the one in that space. I all of a sudden had so much work on my plate that I wanted it to all stop. I just wanted a break.

Observe carefully here… I ASKED, not a direct ask, but subtly in my thoughts and the universe responded.  “Alright then, take a break”, and before I knew it, days were just passing by without any creation and I started to get frustrated,  upset, annoyed, bothered that nothing was happening.  The good thing about all of this was that I finally got the awareness that I was the one who chose this. Hence it was my creation.

But what does one do? We all deserve a break, don’t we?

Well yes, we do. However, there are two suggestions how you can do this.


One is to be aware that I have taken a call to take a break and hence whenever I make a demand I will be back on the path of creation.

The second suggestion is, whenever you feel overwhelmed with the number of things happening, start expanding out. Just imagine yourself expanding out. 


What we generally tend to do is, when too much is going on, we feel stuck and small and hence contract. The idea here is to expand out, become bigger than the task at hand.

The moment I realized that NO, I don’t want to choose this… this is limiting my life. I would like to be more, choose more, the energy started to shift and I promised myself not to choose mediocrity ever again.

So here is a game we can play., the game of mediocrity. This is just so that you get a sense of being small. For today reject the universe, complain, crib, feel pathetic, don’t create anything and whenever you decide that you have had enough of being pathetic STOP!


Ask yourself, was it fun being mediocre? Pathetic and small?


If not ask yourself not to go down that zone ever again. Choose more instead, by expanding out.


Right, where we are is where we have chosen to be. If you want a different result make a different choice. Expand instead of contracting.





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