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What You Resist Persist


There are a whole lot of things that we might avoid or run away from. Have you observed the more you run, the more it chases you? Whatever you resist persist?

It’s interesting because every time you say “I don’t want” those are the exact things that show up. This reminds me our the post on “WANT”

Moving forward now. We will be looking at this aspect of resistance from the emotional angle.

In an attempt to not be angry we get angrier.

Trying not to be depressed we just create more of it.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that fighting the feeling or the energy of anything does not make it go away. Avoiding looking at a problem is not the solution. We do this on an everyday basis at a very subconscious level with our emotions.

Here I present to you a scenario.

The day is just going by, things are not going according to your liking, and then comes your breaking point. The point when you are about to explode.

What does one do?

We either explode or we control ourselves “No, No, you cant get angry. Calm down take a deep breath count to 10.”

Well for that moment, bravo! It has settled, but then what, it resurfaces or gets blocked.

You have learnt how to control your anger but has it really gone?

Hmm. Interesting.

So what can be done about this?

The problem is not the anger; anger is just the result of what you are not willing to be aware of. It is a cover-up. It is the unwillingness to look at what actually is bothering you.


There are two things that happen when one does not address the anger.

1) One doesn’t get rid of it

2) One locks it up in the body and causes problems. Health issues result because one locks up emotions in the body and tries to hold on to them.

So what does one do when one feels anger, upset and other disturbing emotions?

When you feel the emotion it is best to ask yourself for more awareness on the issue.

A while back I was going through spurts of anger and upset myself and I was trying to somehow fight it. This led to me blaming everyone in my environment as the cause of it. Yes, I tried my best to control it and distract myself but in vain.

Until l I finally realized. Fighting does not help. I finally embraced it. Embraced my anger and upset and asked myself.

What is this emotion? What have I not addressed? What can I do with this right now?

Once I asked for awareness instead of resisting the anger and upset I found peace.

My environment was just the trigger to what upheaval I was feeling within. Once I addressed the source the trigger did not seem to matter anymore. And the same pattern did not follow.

So it is important to tap into your own awareness of the issue. Don’t hide, make it wrong, or fight it. Face it; ask for awareness and the awareness will set you free.

This may or may not apply to you today itself. But it is very important to know that you can change it.

If something shows up. Ask what is connected to that emotion. It may take you a couple of hours to know. But stay with the question, it allows the awareness to come to you.