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Silent Messages

What are you giving energy to?

Let’s talk about this simple formula that is often forgotten.

The more you add salt to your food the saltier it will get, the more you add sweet the sweeter.

I’m talking about adding the perfect ingredients to having a life that you actually enjoy.

We all wish well in this world, the planet that we live on. We would like it to be a happier planet, peace on earth, harmony, love and laughter. But when you visit this world what is the energy every person is carrying and talking about? People around talk about how miserable things are, acts of violence, rapes, hate, terrorism, racism, sexism etc … People start to protest and start conducting anti-war, anti-rape and other such marches and gatherings.

All these protests that we hold what are we doing? We are giving more and more energy to all the things that we actually would not like to have in our environment in our lives. We would not like war, but we talk only about war, we would like women to be safe but we talk about the rise of rapes.

Similar to this energy, we would like certain people around us to change, but whenever you think about the person or situation the only thing that comes to your mind is how awful, mean or violent that person is. Interesting point of view you have that point of view. The key to the change is to spin the wheel in the other direction.

We have to start focusing on and giving energy to all the things that we would like. Give energy to peace. To a pro-peace walk, to happiness walk, to love walk, celebration of humanity walk.

Why is that only when things go wrong we create a buzz about it? Why can’t we do the same when someone contributes to creating more for humanity or the environment or for us?

Imagine having people gather together to celebrate humanity, or to celebrate trees and have tree plantation walks more often. This is the energy of happiness. The happier you are the happier the planet gets and the more we all create.

It already feels so good thinking about that.

Similarly, if you like to change your money situation, talk about how much abundance is there in the world, look at what you have got and feel gratitude for it. You would like to change relationship situation look at what is awesome about that person and give energy to that.

Have you ever noticed a situation going from bad to worse as you talk more and more about it? Well, you are giving energy to it my friend. It will become graver and graver.

Always give energy to what you would like to create.

So for today think of one thing, person or situation you are only negative about. Now for the rest of the day, speak only good things about that. Give your energy to what you would like showing up.

Super exercise. Lot’s of change waiting to happen. WOW! We all are so magical

Have a fabulous day


Aarti Asrani – Holistic Living