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On your way up the ladder, a lot of people may leave and you might have to detach from or leave many. But this is not from a space of arrogance but from the awareness that creation is more to you than being disillusioned by this reality.

Let me explain.

One of the reasons that we don’t grow is because of our attachment to having a reality like many others. It becomes our comfort zone. The people around you, the things you are familiar with, your problems all become something you find comfort in.

For one to be more one has to be willing to stand out and one has to be willing to be different.

The Universe picks up on the minutest energy that you give out, positive and negative.

So what is this energy that is holding you back?

Have you observed the people you are with, you soon mould yourself based on that?

Someone starts gossiping, you might get involved, listen or even add to the gossip.

Your friends may have a problem with their in-laws you too subtly create some so that you too can complain and be a part of the complaint session.

The way you dress also changes, based on how the people around you dress.

Everything indirectly impacts you. Having a problem for some is “the thing” because that means you can talk about something.

People around you cannot believe when you say you have no problems. Or you are happy. They might pass comments, such as

“Not possible, she must be hiding something”

“What a bitch”


“She’s definitely on drugs, no one can be so happy?”

Or they might just start gossiping about you. Cook up stories, so on and so forth.

Sometimes people don’t seem to receive your energy of happiness, and what do we do when that happens? We contract ourselves. Make ourselves smaller.

“I got to have a problem to be a part of them” (you don’t say this out loud, its just subconscious)

“You may go in your mind...

She has this problem.

He has this problem

Everyone has a problem

Should I have a problem? If I don’t am I normal?”

Oh My God! Why would we want to do that? Why would you take yourself out from a clear pond and put yourself in a dirty, mucky pond only so that you can swim with the other fish?

On this journey of creating with consciousness, you have to be willing to let go of these energies and start choosing more, even if that means that you don’t have too many people on this journey with you.

You have to clear the clutter.

- Let go of the lies that you have to have problems

-Let go of other peoples realities

-Let go of the people who are pulling you down and let go of their drama

The moment you start stepping up, being the energy you truly are, people who truly desire more too, will follow. The idea about de-clutter is not to delete all people, but delete the energies they are and you don’t desire. People will always be around, and some you may interact with frequently, but don’t alter your reality to fit into theirs, continue to be more.

Today take a paper and write down all the problems you have, everything that is bothering you, upsetting you, people, things and whatever else comes to your mind. Write, write, write and then ultimately tear up the paper and burn it.

Let me know how the exercise works for you and how much space it creates.

Lets De-clutter

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