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Universe is your Ally

Trust The Universe.

The Universe has your back.

The universe has a plan. The moment you throw your question, wish, desire out there the universe starts to rearrange itself to make it happen.

If you are asking for a million dollars, yes the universe is working towards it but in the interim what are you doing?

Are you trusting the universe and alongside taking your action?

Or are you just sitting on your ass… waiting?

When a way shows up do you respond or find an excuse not to act?

How can you blame the universe if you yourself have rejected your ask?

Let me give you an example right here.

When I wanted to do the advanced workshop Choice Of Possibilities with Gary I asked the Universe for the money to show up. And it did. Within 2 days itself. It showed up as a 1-week invitation in Delhi for sessions, did I reject the universe by making excuses such as

It's too soon to take a call

I need more time

1-week how will my family stay without me

How will the house be managed

These are all the possible ways I could have made an excuse for not acting on my ask and then blaming the Universe for not responding.

The universe responds, what are the ways that you are rejecting the possibilities that show up?

You might think, that is ok, but my ask is much larger.

Well! The problem is not that it is large. You think that it is. The universe has no point of view for your ask. For the universe, an ASK is an Ask

No big no small

We are the ones who decide the size and how long it should practically take.

There is one more very important point I would like to add. When you ask and the universe is arranging itself, but then you go, “Oh! this is never going to work who am I kidding.” The moment you think that the universe stops the energy right there.


Every time you do that please say follow it with Interesting point of view I have that point of view.

Universe what would it take for this to show up with ease?

What can I be to have that with ease?

The Universe always has your back.

Aarti Asrani - Holistic Living