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Today I’m going a little more into the topic of being seen. After I posted the exercise day before, on being seen, I got messages from a couple of people saying. Oh! Facebook ? Instagram there are so many people I know on that group.

Yes, you do. And what could be the reason you resist putting that video up?

It is because people will see another side of you. A side where you are probably stepping up, being someone different and that is scaring you. You will be stepping out of their reality into something more. You are going beyond what they expected out of you. One is generally afraid of that. Isn’t that stupid of us? Limiting our life because of other people’s point of views.

Now what could happen at the most? They will judge you. So go back to the exercise on judgment. When you are being judged, and you have no point of view about that, you open up your receiving.

As long as we are on the topic of success let me step you up a little further.

You have to be willing to come out of your shell of mediocrity in order to be successful. It is just choice and it’s your choice.

Let me throw at you an interesting observation.

People, who are willing to have and be more, have to choose more. They are willing to be uncomfortable and grow. Every discomfort they experience makes them grow.

Let me take your attention to an example.

Do you resist people who seem to be more successful than you?

Could you go up to a celebrity and have a casual talk with them?

In a party where everyone seems to be a notch above you, do you feel uncomfortable or do you interact with them?

This is something that you got to ask yourself and reflect on.

The reason this matters is are you willing to have all those diffrent energies added to your life? Whatever you want to be you must try and be comfortable with it.

Not shy away from it.

Challenging yourself on this front will take you to a space to keep moving up the ladder. The moment you get comfortable, choose something greater and ask for ease with it.

You have to be willing to leave your comfort zones and choose more. But how do you do that? Some of us are petrified with the thought itself.

Well! follow the pointers give in the earlier posts.

  1. Barriers down

  2. Be open to Judgment

  3. Being an energy of receiving

And just “Being You” with no barriers makes a difference. You are not there to hard sell yourself. You are there, just be open to the different universal energies. Don’t be afraid to explore.

So this brings us to the exercise for today or when you get the chance.

At an office party interact with the head of the company.

To celebrate, go into a high-end restaurant somewhere you would not step in because it makes you uncomfortable.

At a party interact with someone you think is snooty, airy or standoffish.

Open up yourself, to all energies all around you.

All the best

Holistic Living – Aarti Asrani


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