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We all have this one problem that has been lingering on for a very long time. We are trying to find solutions to it but in vain.

What are you looking to solve?

Whatever that is, is our problem and our story. We narrate it to people. Try to find solutions. Stress about it. Also, some take pride in it. It is that one factor in our life that is keeping us busy and at times makes us feel normal.

Yes! Having a problem makes a whole lot of us feel normal because then there is something we too have that we can be upset about, we too can share it with others and we too get that attention. The "poor you" kind of attention.

But is it really worth it?

I had a client who had constant health issues. There wasn't a single day that he wouldn't speak about how sick he was. It was his story, it kept his entertained. He said that he wanted to feel better and every time we spoke he listened and then at the end of it went I have this problem "BECAUSE"

Because is a way to justify your story. To tell someone blah blah blah because. The fact is, your life is not changing because of your "BECAUSE"

When I helped him become conscious about all the reasons, justifications and the because that he was giving me for having the problem, he finally got to space and got aware that his because & his justifications to have the problem is what kept it in place.

So hear yourself. What is that you keep repeating. Even if you get a solution do you disregard it and say something like "she doesn't know anything about me or this issue" Are you in an auto mode of the record that keeps playing the same track over and over again? Then, my friend, you love your story and you love having that problem.

No one can change it for you, besides you yourself.

How do you do it? Break that pattern. Give up your sob story. don't find comfort in having a problem. Make sure that you don't speak about it at all. If you like to, do it once and stop.

Don't go on and on and on........ Has the problem changed by speaking about it? No, right? It will change only with your willingness to let it go.

Look at that false story that you have made up and magnified, about your situation and how grave it is. And now allow it to change. Give it up.

One way to do so is by starting to change the story in your mind. Giving it a fabulous outcome, even if it doesn't seem so at the moment. This will at least start reversing the direction in which the wheel spins.

All the best. This exercise may be for more than just a day, but if you like to change your situation, keep at it.

What story do you love to repeat to yourself and others? What is that you love so much that you rather have your story than a life, that you actually enjoy?

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