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As I look back the years from when I started my spiritual quest, I have come across many, many great people speak a lot about great things. However, there is one common thread that runs through all of them and that without doubt is gratitude.

Buddhism, Louise Hay, Rhonda Byrne, Access Consciousness all of them speak the language of gratitude and the more gratitude we have, the more we create in our lives.

I am sure many of you also are aware of this truth, I know of families who went from rags to riches only because they had the attitude of gratitude.

You are not on this planet by chance. The entire universe conspired to have you here. You are so important to the universe. But are you thankful that you are here? Are you grateful for the gifts that the universe bestows upon you and are you celebrating your life?

One question that I would like to ask you is, when you look all around nature, what do you feel? Is it a sense of joy? Does everything in nature look happy? Do you feel happy when you are at that beach or on a mountaintop?

This is because nature celebrates life. It celebrates you and would like to contribute to you. The more joy, the more the creation. The more you add to this celebration and joy the more you are able to receive. But are you being that energy?

So by now we probably agree that the energy of the earth is that of happiness? Everything in nature is happy. And if you like to receive from nature you must attune yourself to that energy. The universal energy is of joy and gratitude. The more you have of that the more abundant you get.

So how does one connect to that energy? When one has problems all one can do is complain.

The easiest way I would suggest to do that is today step out in nature. Sit down quietly and observe everything. The tiny ant crawling up your beautiful toe, the vastness of the ocean which spreads in all directions, the magnificence of the oak tree that you sit beneath or the sweet smell of the beautiful flower in the field.

Receive from all of it. Be thankful for its existence. Be thankful to be alive to experience it. Don't just say thankful. Be it.

When one has no gratitude for Life, that is the moment that one gets into the low life state of depression. The way to surpass this state, is by starting with one thing we are thankful for and then to magnify it.

The crucial moment is that moment when you feel there is nothing to look forward to. That moment itself sit down, however difficult it might be, and start writing 5 things that you are happy to have in your life. You can even go to ten and fill up pages if you like.

The more grateful you feel the sooner that state of life changes, the sooner the problem solves and the sooner you receive all your asks.

Today as we are almost halfway there. I would like you to observe, are you complaining or grateful? Are you looking at all the places where your asks are not answered or do you have gratitude for the changes you have experienced?

The more grateful you feel today, the faster things will start move

As an exercise for today. Be GRATEFUL for everything.

The day

Your Body

Your breath

Your family


Having a job

Even your problem, try and be grateful for it, it will change into something beautiful. Don't just say thank you, mean it.

It's not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful.

I know you are going to have a fabulous day

I am grateful for all of you

Much Love

Aarti Asrani - Holistic Living