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Are you willing to be seen?

What is to be seen?

Being seen is when there are no masks. You are yourself. You come out of the hiding. You are comfortable with you. There are no barriers. It's being able to be the energy of "This is me" & "I Love All of Me".

For a whole lot of reasons we might hide behind a mask and that could be a reason why there is no growth?

You want to be successful, and that means, the world will probably know you. Are you comfortable with that?

Is being know by everyone comfortable for you?

Why do people have stage fright? When person steps onto the stage, faces a camera, there is a sense of I'm being looked at. People can see me. I have to be what they think I am. I am suppose to do what they want me to.

That happens in the real world too and hence you wear a mask. You Hide.

In a family you have been known to be an obedient child. Is that the mask, you are wearing? Is that the reason, you always follow whatever your parents say even though it might not work for you? Is your life restricted and closed because you are not willing to be anyone other than what they think you are? Are you hiding behind the mask of obedience? failure? or dependancy? or are you willing to step up and be something else?

People at work have always looked at you as someone who is calm, accommodating, are you willing to let go of that mask from time to time and step up and be the energy of power where it is required and stand up for yourself when need be?

If you are always considered to be sweet, happy go lucky are you afraid to be the killer energy for someone who is trying to harm you.

What masks are you not letting go of ? What roles are you not willing to play? And where all are you hiding because you are afraid to show yourself?

We are doing a Combination exercise today

1- I would like you to observe or reflect what is the mask you are hiding behind? And at least once today be a different energy. For example, if you always just go with the flow, today decide where you would like to go?

2- This one is a real challenge a step up. To take a step to be actually seen.

Turn on your cameras of your cell phone and upload a video on Instagram or Facebook.

A live video of you with your barriers down

Just one line about

What is happiness to you? or

What does being reborn mean to you?

For some encouragement I will throw in a surprise tomorrow for all those who dare to be more. Don't forget to put the #hashtags, that is the only way I can see your videos.



This will be a game changer and a proof you are ready to choose more, step up and be seen. I just uploaded mine. Who's next?

Holistic- Living Aarti Asrani