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Newspapers, articles, schools, teacher, relationships, money, siblings and even parents. Judgement is something that the world operates on.

Before you are even conceived. There is judgement.

Once u come into this world , the way you look, behave, operate, are all judged.

Oh! he is just like his father

He behaves like his mother

No, NO he has gone on his great grand father look at that nose.

People have an opinion about everything and why wouldn’t they. They have to say something.

The problem is not that they talk. It is how are you receiving it? You might get upset? Aggressive? Angry? Furious? Happy? Delighted? Or you might feel another emotion attached to that judgement.

However you feel, every time a judgement comes up, we tend to solidify it in our universe and hence it becomes so difficult at times to get out of it. We also tend to resist the judgement especially when it is something we don't like and hence we try to reject it, challenge it and our barriers come up.

Don't we all do that?

What if I told you that the more judgement you are able to receive the more receiving power opens up and the more money you make?


Like I said, one thing that we constantly get from the day we are conceived till the day we die, is judgement. It's the way the world functions. And if you have no point of view of it and receive it, the universe gets the message that you are open to receiving and keeps flowing everything to you.

When you resist a judgement, it is like the NO NO energy we spoke about earlier. This limits us from receiving.

Let's look at this for a moment. When someone judges you, you go "No No, don't look at me , don't judge me, no no I don't want that , like that" It's the NO NO energy and we limit our receiving.

The people who have the most money are the ones who don't refuse any energy take fro example celebrities, sportspeople etc...

My question to you is, how well do you receive judgement? And the more you receive it with no points of view the more you are able to open your receiving capacities to everything. More money, fame, sex and everything else you desire.

Todays Exercise:

look at every judgment that you receive today from others and look at it as as an interesting point of view.

You are too old for this.

You are never going to make it.

What are you doing with your life?

You will never change.

So old, still don't have a job?

Who do you think you are, Brad Pitt?

You don't have the skills for it.

Too fat.

Whatever the judgement, just go, Interesting point of view he/she has this point of view.

See you all tomorrow.

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