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Do you receive from YOU?

30 days of Consciousness.

Yesterday we did an exercise to learn how to receive rejections and learnt how to just ask and move forward.

Today Is all about You & Receiving from You.

Little children are full of fun, asking and receiving is not really a problem for them. They are magical beings and things for them keep showing up. What happens when we grow up? We are forced into reality and the magic fades for a whole lot of us. Even though somewhere in all our hearts we would still like to have magic.

Receiving from you, is in essence, very important. Our daily roles and responsibilities often make us second in our own lives.

What is that you love to do? and when did you do that for yourself last?

Do you consciously take time off to have fun? or life is just routine?

Did you ever want to learn how to play an instrument? Have you even bothered to take a step towards that or do you just have no time?

Is it your life that you are leading, or someone else's?

And if it is yours. Are you not suppose to do what you like with your time and life?

Or have you only come down to this planet to fulfil your social obligations, roles and please people?

How much of your life have you pushed back?

your body

your self

your work

your appearance

so on and so forth.

When did everyone else become more important?

One of the reasons that we lack happiness is, we kill every thing that makes us happy. Under the burden of roles, society, responsibility and just by making everyone else more important than you.

When you allow yourself to receive from you a whole new world opens up. Trust me. I've been there.

I am not asking you to go against the world and fight everyone, be a stubborn selfish chid that wants everything for themselves.

All I am asking is that don't stop receiving from you.

You are different. You have talents, skills, aspirations. places you wanna go, dreams not yet fulfilled and visions to be explored. Lets take a step to know and honour you today.

Let me give you a small example. A mother a home maker, "X", takes care of everybody's diet , food preferences etc... & seldom makes things that she really likes. In her mind "I will have what everyone else is having, it's ok, who is going to make extra effort, too many dishes etc etc....

NO IT"S NOT OK TO DO THAT! If you don't care about YOU who will?? yes make all the dishes that everyone likes and one for you too. You are saying it's ok to make an effort for everyone else but for you.

As a husband & might spend tons of money to buy your wife that ring she wants, but when it comes down to you buying yourself something do you think, "Let it be I don't really need it, lets not waste money". Most of you don't even go out and buy a shirt for yourself, that you like.

If you are not willing to gift and receive from you why would anyone else?

If you would like to receive from everyone. Please open up your receiving to YOU.

There are so, so many subtle ways we do that. When I did the, Ask 5 people exercise, for the 1st time, I became aware of this. I was asking people to invest in me, but was I willing to invest in myself or did I think it was just a waste of time? "Time and money can be put to better use that", was my subtle thought and I am so grateful that I became aware of it. My life has changed since.

People, please be aware of this energy, where you are not allowing yourself to receive from you.

Today go ahead an Choose something just for yourself. What would be fun for you? Anyone you would like to meet? A quite evening reading a book? Going for a dance class? and don't say "I wish but I don't have the time". Make the time for YOU. It's Your Life.

And run the following:

All the places that you have made everything else, everyone else more important than you so much so that you have ceased to exist at this moment please be willing to give all that up & destroy and uncreate it.

What would it take for you take centre stage of your own life?

My life is a celebration and I'm living it.

Much Love

Holistic Living - Aarti Asrani