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30 Days Of Consciousness

Are you having fun with consciousness? Or would you like a break?

Well! I'm having fun. And going to make today a little more funner for those who choose it.

This is the perfect time to do this exercise. After all the tips and tools, especially the comfort zone post yesterday. I know this is perfect timing.

What is it? Time to burst the bubble.

Today you have to go to 5 different people and ask them for one thing that you probably think they will refuse or?

What is the purpose of this exercise?

Should I tell you now or later, after it's done?

Let me just tell you. There is so much more coming up next.

Ok, one part of this, is to prove when you think you stink. The reason we keep going around in circles with the same thought over and over again is because you fear that the answer would be a -No. We waste a good amount of our life, not taking the step. If you could just take the step and get it already done, you can move on further else you will be stuck with that forever. If its a No its a No, at least you know. The vicious cycle of the

Do? Not to do? Do? Not to do? will stop, and you can move on to the next job at hand, or another person who could give you the same.

Another way of looking at it is to make you aware that you actually may get it. The answer is not always No. It's just your mind playing games.

And the 3rd is to teach you the art of receiving.

Rejection is also a big part of receiving.

How well do you receive rejection?? Ah ha....

Not that easy huh!

I never told you that it was going to be.

Now get down to it. 5 people anyone, parent, friend, foe, associate, boss, partner, whoever that might be.

All the best

Holistic Living - Aarti Asrani


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