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30 Days of Consciousness:

Receiving is such a vast topic, we cannot speak only about receiving for 30 days, but I would definitely like to speak a little more about it.

We have a lot of pre conceived notions in our minds about people, places, cultures, religion, sexes, preferences, roles, politics, societies, celebrities, taxes, policies and the list can go on and on.

It actually can be filled up by pages.

The important thing to notice or realise about this is how many points of view are we holding in place so that this does not change? How much resistance do we have to these people, things & thoughts.

The more restricted we are in our minds with regards to all of this, the more we block our receiving.

Lets take for example a client of mine. An owner of a car showroom in Delhi. The capital of India. Politics, Government, Consulates, and it has a lot of people who have the money and love to spend it.

This client did not like politics and politicians. He resisted their energy. Thought that they were crooks. Interesting Point of view. He ran a business of cars, and his pre-conceived notion about the politicians was the reason, his business was not growing. He resisted the very people in his own vicinity, own city, this limited his sales. He did not get their business because he was so stuck up with his point of view.

After facilitation and only once he was able to look beyond, was he able to receive from them and it was a game changer.

Another example is of this mother who attended a workshop with me, in order to help her daughter who's health she was working towards. She had a fixated point of view, a pre conceived notion about who/what could help her daughter and once she was able to let that go, her paths opened up in a absolutely miraculous way, that left her ecstatic.

What or who are you resisting to receive from? A particular person? A culture? A cast? Homosexuals? Workers? A family member?

What is that invisible communication happening, that is more powerful than your own words? What are you communicating to them with your vibes. Are you asking them to leave?

What do your vibes say to them

Not You Again

I hate.......

They are all crooks

These people, all of them have the same mentality

Rich and snooty

What at bitch

Any of the above?

I am not asking you to become their best friend. Just drop the judgements. Don't carry those points of references.

Today, Look at all the energies you are resisting. Make a list of all the people things places you are resisting

and run..

What are the possibilities that would show up if I would be open to receiving from them?

All the points of connection to to this I now destroy and uncreate it.

We will do one more fabulous exercise tomorrow for more ease with this.

Holistic Living- Aarti Asrani