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Comfort Zone

30 days of Consciousness

Im sure Barriers down was a super exercise for all of you, who did it. Wasn't it just amazing how by just doing that, the energy changed.

There is one more exercise for you all today, which is a step up. It may stir you up, but definitely worth it.



Our exercise today is. Choose to do one thing that currently creates a discomfort doing it. This is specially linked to all the places that you have been pushing things under the carpet. Not willing to look at it. Avoiding it. Especially the "I will do it tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes, kind of messages that you keep repeating to yourself.

Pick up the phone and call that one person you might have been avoiding, something that you have been putting off, something you keep playing and replaying in your mind but haven’t done so as yet, making a decision at your workplace, taking a step towards getting out of your comfort zone, having that talk with a boss, colleague, family or friend, starting your own business, taking up a project or writing your own book, get down to it…. Whatever it is. Move forward.

For once drop al the reasons and justifications, thinking and stinking with your thoughts.


You will never know which direction to head unless you take the 1st step. It may be uncomfortable but DISCOMFORT CREATES. It makes you step up & be more.

So, I ask you today, Consciously look at what you are avoiding, and Now DO IT.

And to have more ease ask the universe for help.

Universe. What will it take to do this with ease?

What step can I take to create greater for me?

Enough said. Step Up Now. It's Time

Holistic Living. Aarti Asrani