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30 days of Consciousness

How you feeling today? Is there someone you still are resisting to receive from?

What about judgements and comments can you receive that?

Where all did your barriers go up?

What did the barrier feel like?


Or a wall to protect yourself from others?

How much do you resist receiving from some family members?

Any particular way you are judging someone and hence whenever that person comes in front of you, your barriers automatically go up? You escape.

How much have you blocked in your world by doing so??

All the people you have decided to block out or build a wall they cannot cross, do you receive anything from them?

Todays Exercise is BARRIERS DOWN.

What is a barrier? The meaning of BARRIER is a natural formation or structure that prevents or hinders movement or action.

That itself explains that when you create barriers there is no movement. No change. It continues to be what it is. No one can do anything about it.

So how doe barrier work in our life? At this moment itself, think of a person you are resisting, someone you don’t like, someone who constantly troubles you, argues with you or irritates you.

Yes! That person. Many a times this person is someone you meet frequently, someone you know. Your mother or mother in law, husband or friend, boss or colleague.

What we tend to do with these people is that we build a wall around us. Which is a barrier. we are within and they are outside.

Now as you think about that person you have your barriers against, think about lowering those barriers. The walls all around you, lower them. Imagine them going down.

Now, I know for some the wall could be really high but lower it… just a bit.. a little more and yes a little further…. There you go…. Does that make you feel a wee bit lighter? Has some space opened up in your heart?


Barriers down is a brilliant way to open up the world to you. You block people and hence you are not able to receive those people at all. Even if they want to change and gift to you.

One has to be Conscious, that the choice is completely ours. Barriers up or barriers down. What is that you would like to choose? How would you like to create your life?

Everywhere your barriers automatically go up today…. Lower your Barriers..

The energy will change and you will have a breakthrough.

You increase your receiving powers and the universe gifts to you more and more and more.

When your better half is talking .. receive them, don't decide what he is going to say. Lower your barriers

When you are meeting someone for a date or suitor for marriage. Lower your barriers and receive him don't pre judge him.

Also receive the help given to you, lower your barriers, remove the block of I have to do everything on my own… universe is gifting RECEIVE.

WOW! I’m so looking forward to what might unfold.

Do leave your comments on what has started to show up for you. I'm so excited.

Holistic Living - Aarti Asrani