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I love Big BUT-T's

30 Days Of Consciousness - Day 5

Well I am on a roll of introducing you to words you have been using wrong all along and I’m lovin it. Just wondering how amazing this is going to be.

Today is all about your big BUT-T

Haha! Not a not weight loss one it's about the BUT that comes in between everything you actually desire.


I would like this BUT

I got the opportunity BUT

BUT they will never allow it

BUT I was only

BUT I have no money

BUT there was no one to look after him.

Yes!! This BUT

BUT is used to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated according to google. It is a convenient way to say its impossible.

When you say its impossible it it.

I came across a very interesting quote a while back. It said “whether you can or you cant you are right”

You are right my friend. When you put a BUT in your ask. You are right. And that is the reason your ask will go away.

When your ask shows up and you say but it goes away.

It's like you want something and then when it shows up you greet it with "BUT"

You are asking and returning it at the same time.

How smart is that??

Not your fault you wouldn’t have done so if you knew better.

So now What??

Well let me give you my scenario. When I started Access Consciousness I choose to attend a workshop with Gary Douglas the founder, however at that point I did not have the money. What did I Do??

I did not say, I don't have the money to do it. I asked the universe to help me with the money show up.

And yes within 2 days I got a call from a stranger, who connected with me through linked-in and he wanted me to go to work with his nephew who was ill, in another city for a week.

At that point, my house help was on a leave, my 4 year old to be taken care of and yes all other house hold responsibilities were there too.

If, when this showed up ,I would go to the butt...

Oh! I wish I could BUT, I have to take care of my family husband,

BUT what will my in laws say

BUT I Actually have no help..

Blah Blah Blah.....

I would not receive what the universe is giving.

When you ask the universe gifts. You have to have the courage to step up and choose it.

So step up I did. I asked the universe one more question. What would it take for all of this to happen with ease?

and help showed up from everywhere.

We have to choose my friend, we are the ones who choose or make an excuse.


Choose Excuse

rhymes too.. LOL

So the choice is to step up or make excuses with our BUT's

Now No more BIG BU-T's in between your asks.

Try this today.

Hit a delete button on all the BUT-T's in your ASK, when they show up.

And let me know if you loose that weight around the big fat but by tomorrow. I’m sure you will be lighter.


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