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No, No, No , Noooo - Universe is listening

You are asking, but are you willing to receive??

There is a whole lot to the aspect of receiving, it can be conducted as an entire workshop all together, however for today let us look at the energy of the word "No".

Receiving is something that a whole lot of us don’t do.

We may ask, ask, ask, and when it shows up we go, No No No No Noooooooo.

And the universe shuts down.

Okay then! You don’t want it so I won't give it anymore.

There are two parts to this

For example.

You asked to look gorgeous.

When you step out. You get compliments.

What is that you say? think?

Are your responses any of the following?

Really? Oh! Thank you

It's not me its the dress.

(If you get the compliment from a stranger) What a creep. Trying to hit on me.

Am I really looking good??

Or do you embrace it and receive the compliment as a compliment with gratitude.

What is that you are Refusing?

The other part that I would like to bring to your notice is the word "NO" itself.

Universe generally does not respond too well to No's . It is a continuous negation of energy.

When You keep going No No No... You are stopping energy flow from the universe too.

Now would you like to block the universe from gifting?

If not "Limit your No's".

How about we play with this tool today?

All you need to do is be conscious today. Two things to be conscious about.

1- The universe is gifting are you judging it? Refusing it in any manner?

2- Limit the number of No's that you use during the day.

What I mean is Just Don’t say "No", if you don't have to, use other words or a sentences in stead. Be creative.

For example: your child asks for a candy… Don’t say No.. You could say

Maybe later,

Not this moment

On Wednesday

Your help asks for a raise…

You could say next year, next month

A colleague asks you for a favour..

I’m busy right now

X is free. Please ask him

Basically the word NO, try and limit that. Minimum Usage.


Well! I'm at the end, and all of a sudden. This popped up.

I'm sure it is one of your questions I'm picking up on already.

Hmm.. If I say Yes to everything won't I be a dormat?

I asked you not to say "No" use your imagination, be creative. Don't say Yes to everything. I did not ask you to block your awareness. That would be stupid of me. Wouldn't it now?

Once again Limit your NO's, Be Conscious.

If you like to enjoy more tools of consciousness CLICK HERE

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