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Let's Address Your "WANT"

30 Days Of Consciousness: Day 4

All words have power. They have energy of its own. Where do you think words originated? Who came up with words based on what?

Have you ever even thought about that? Or wondered if that would make a difference to your world at all. We all use words, but do we really know what they mean?

If you go back to the dictionary published before 1946, it will give you clearer meaning words and their definitions. Over a period of time the meaning of words have been confused, altered, doctored to suit the masses.

The basis of Switch-words, a modality of energy work, is also based on the concept that words have energy to them.

So why am I going on about words? What is the connection with your want?

All our lives since we are born we have been fed words to communicate. And yes we pick up everything as, we are all very good students.

In context to ASKS, have you ever considered, you ask but the way you ask is also important?

How do most of us generally phrase our ASKS??

At this moment itself. If I told you what is your ask. One would probably say

I want more money

I want a car

I want a partner

I want a promotion

This “WANT” is what we use most of our day.

But did you know what the word want actually means??

In the dictionary (prior to 1946) the word want 26 out of 27 definitions mean to lack, there is only one meaning that says desire which is still in the future.

If you google the word today , it also says lack, absence, non existence besides some others.

So what you actually are telling the univers is

I lack more money

I non existence a car

I unavailable a partner

I lack a promotion

And hence the universe responds... Lack it. Unavailable. Non Existent etc...

Try doing this exercise.

I don’t want money

I don’t want money

I don’t want money

Repeat after me now.

I don’t want money

I don’t want money

I don’t want money

I don’t want money

I don’t want money

DO this at least times 10.

Yes yes! I get it for a couple of you at first it feels absurd. What is wrong with his woman?But do it and as you continue doing it does it not bring a smile to your face??

Did you Smile? R u smiling now?

It feels light, docent it? and the truth always makes you feel light.

So the exercise for today move from lack to already having it, going for it, getting it, allowing it to show up.

I am allowing more money to show up now

I am going for it

I’m getting married

I already have a beautiful body

or just say

I don't want to be healthy

I don't want more money

I don't want success..

Whatever feels light.

Don't forget to run

What would it take for the word “want” to fall out of my vocabulary?? Everything that does not allow that destroy and uncreate it.

I don't want to see you tomorrow. LOL

Holistic- Living Aarti Asrani


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