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What energy are you willing to BE?

30 - days of Consciousness Day 3

What energy are you willing to be?

What do I mean by “BE”?

In order for something to be working for us we need to BE that energy. Yes! you ask the Universe, but are you willing to be that too??

Let me give you an example.

If you want to be healthy, do you constantly think about how unhealthy you are? Speak about it? Or have you started to change that mindset to "HEALTHY"?

A lot of people will go, "but the fact is that, I am unhealthy", and probably you are. But have you recovered by thinking about how unhealthy you are?

If you want to loose weight, are you sitting and eating on the couch or are you being the energy of moving around and taking action towards your target.

You would like your situation to change. But you are still stuck with your drama of not willing or wanting to give it up.

My dear friend, consciousness is being aware. Be aware of what you are repeating over and over again, to yourself and to others.

"The real secret to power is consciousness of power"- Charles Haarel

Today’s Exercise

Whatever is your ASK, ask yourself are you being that energy?? When you BE an energy it is not from a state of lack. You are already it.

So today- ASK to be that energy.

If I would like to have tons of money… just ask .. What should I “BE” to have that?

Stay with that question. You will get an awareness and then follow the awareness, don’t sit with it.

Universe will show you the way, but you need to take that action.

If you want to be rich and successful, be that in your mind first.


Dress like you are. Speak like you are. Feel like you are or just simply lower your barriers down and receive that energy from the universe.

All this together creates the energy to create what you desire.


And run the following..

What energy space and consciousness can I “BE” to be the energy of a million dollars I truly be. Everything that does not allow that I destroy and Uncreate it.

What energy am I refusing to be that if I would be it would change all of this?

Be the energy. What are you choosing to be today?


Holistic Living- Aarti Asrani