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Interesting Point Of View

30 Days Of Consciousness : Day 2

How was the ask exercise? Were you able to put anything down? If not, no problem. Take a few minutes and do that now. Write down just one ask that you have because todays exercise is extension to what we did yesterday.

Here we go Exercise 2:

Well today we are going to look at our ask.

A this moment look at your ask.

One million dollar by the end of the year. Excited??? Wow. That would be so amazing.

But wait! Whats that??? Yes! that other thought that followed it... yes yes, right there in your subconscious... that faint little sound.

(faint sound)

Really? Can this happen?

I have wished for this several times

What stupidity is this?

Oh ! I think 1 million is too big. Let me reduce it to half a million or even a quarter will do. only one month is left.

Not happened as yet. I asked for it yesterday but it has not happened as yet.


What is it, that was going on in your head at that moment with the ask? Doubt? Fear?

Did you reduce your ask based on your Judgment of what might or might not show up? Were you conditioning it based on your circumstance? did you give up on it already?

Today we are going Clear up all the unnecessary judgments we have attached to our ASKS with a tool from Access Consciousness called Interesting point of view (IPOV)

If you have pages of Asks written down. Start with the one which is priority and now all the unnecessary noise attached to it. CLEAR IT OUT.

Every thought feeling or emotion that comes up when you think about your ASK just say…. Interesting point of view I have that point of view.

For eg

Your Ask: I would like my back to heal this month

Back of your mind: The doctor has said it will take about 3-6 months. Interesting point of view I have that point of view

It is a very old problem, it might take longer. Interesting point of view I have that point of view.

Your ASK: To get married

Back of your mind I’m not even seeing anyone, dating or even socialising. Where will I meet someone?

Follow the thought with Interesting Point of view I have that point of view.

Who am I kidding? IPOV

The Holiday

(where is the money) Interesting Point of view I have that Point of View

Whenever you ask a question and you go into reasons , or justifications why you can't have it, when can you have it, why you shouldn't have it.

Interesting Point of You I have that point of view.

It will help the energy to shift.

So today I’m gonna ASK you to look at your ASKS and then clear out all the unnecessary judgments you have attached to it and limited your ask.

And just allow the ASK TO BE AN ASK without any limitations.


Holistic Living - Aarti Asrani


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