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Ask & You Shall Receive

We are starting Today a - 30 Day Consciousness Workshop on this blog. Hop on if you like.

Daily I shall be posting Tools & Exercises to add more change and consciousness to your life, if you choose it.

Today's Exercise is


One of the first tools I would like to share with you is ASK. And even though the bilble says “ ASK and You Shall Receive”, how many of us really get down to asking.

For some asking might be wrong and others a challenge. However the universe has no judgement and when you ask, the universe can't wait to respond and gift to you.

This first exercise of asking is very important as we will be doing a whole lot of exercises based on that.

So don't wait any longer. Take out you pens and papers and write down your ask. Just one or a ton.... but ASK you should.

One of the common questions that I have had as far as "The Ask" is concerned is

What do I ask for?

How do I ask?

I want, I need or is there any other form?

Good Question.

When you google the work want it says want means to lack.

So imagine you say

I want peace

I want money

I want a job or mate

What you actually are saying is that

I lack peace

I lack money

I lack a job or mate

Guess what!

Universe responds I lack... ok lack it...

The ideal way to put it down would be

I desire peace

I would like to have more money

or just simply

Universe can I have a good Job please.

Another participant asked me, "Doesn't the universe already know what I want?"

Well let me ask you. DO YOU??

If you do, that is great. Just pen it so that you are clear that you would like that and when it shows up be thankful.


If you don't, it is unfair to assume that the universe does, because the universe might gift you what it thinks might be good and you may just reject it or be unaware of it.

It's like the wife who always assumes that the husband should know what she wants, and then get's upset if he gives her car, instead of a diamond ring.

A car is as good as a diamond ring, isn't it?

According to the husband it is, so he gave what he thought what was best.

If you would like the ring ask for the ring. Then don't go complaining. Oh! I thought you knew.

Please note, it is not wrong to ask. It is wrong to pretend you have no asks.

So Now! Pen down your asks, you can list down a whole lot of them. This will start to make YOU & the UNIVERSE more conscious about what you would like showing up.

Here are a few examples

More money this month

Double your Income

More ease joy at work

More Paying clients

Healthier body


A holiday

Moving to another city

More Sex

Looking gorgeous

Before year end have a million dollars

So on and so forth.

Then repeat the following in your mind.

What would it take for all of this to show up with absolute ease joy and glory?

What energy space and consciousness can me and my body be to be the energy of ask and receive I truly be? Everything that doesn’t allow that I destroy n uncreate it.

Have Fun

Holistic Living - Aarti Asrani