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Roles & Receiving

30 Days of Consciousness

What are you willing to receive and from whom?

We have a whole lot of people in our lives our parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, colleagues so and so forth. We have given each relation certain roles and responsibilities. For example, for my birthday my husband can buy me the Rolex, my friend the dress and the acquaintance the flowers.

Doesn't that seem right??


It is the trap of these roles, that have limited our ability to receive. Based on these roles we decide who can and cannot gift us what.

What if we could drop all the roles and receive. Look at it as the universe gifting to you, not a person.

I can literally at this moment feel the resistance. I know we haven't been brought up this way. Since childhood we have been told who to receive from, and what. Receiving is also been made wrong in so many ways.

If I receive, I will have to give back.

What does this person want from me?

We track and judge receiving all the time.

So today's exercise my friend is observe be conscious and be open to receiving from all.

The universe has no judgement of anyone. It only gifts. It can be from any source. You are the one who is refusing the gift.

Let's say

Your Ask is Money. But you have all these points of views. I would like to receive it from my work, my husband, or inheritance. And hence if you received it from a stranger, found it or a friend a relative gave it, you might, in your world think its not ok and reject it.

We all do that don’t we?

The false "No" I cant take this from you. No gifts please. There was no need for that. LOL.

And then we wonder why the universe is not honouring our asks. When you yourself said “ there is no need to give me”, then why would it come to you. Cute not bright.

Taking this one more step forward.

We sometimes don’t even realise that we have been gifted. It because we have our blinders on. If you have asked for more money and someone got you a new phone you will not see it as money because it isn’t hard cash, currency, notes, the paper in your hand. These are all the ways that you are limiting and not acknowledging when the universe is gifting to you.

So today observe all the ways that the universe is trying to gift to you. Don’t judge what you receive, how, from whom and in what form you receive.

Every place you feel that resistance to receive, lower your barriers and receive. Be in allowance of all that shows up and be grateful.

You find money on the road, Receive from it.. thank you universe

A stranger gives you a compliment receive, thank you

Your better half wants to make you a cup of tea or pick up your plate receive from it. Don't resist it.

Receive and be thankful. Thank you all for receiving me.

More tomorrow. :-)

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