Reprogram Your Mind To Attract All You Desire

Access The Hypnotic Language Of Your Subconscious

And Engage Your Senses To Manifest Your Desires




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LIVE Transformational Masterclass (value7999) 

Step By Step - Access Your Subconscious(value3999)  

Step By Step - Learn How To Ask & Receive(value3999) 

Step By Step - Unravel Your Self – Talk(value3999) 

Step By Step - Open Up Your Receiving(value3999)

Step By Step - Eliminate Energy Deflators(value3999) 

Step By Step - Stop Self – Sabotage(value3999) 

Step By Step - Manifest The Life You Want(value3999) 

Bonus: Ready-Made Templates(value2999) 

Bonus: Community Of Like-Minded People 

Bonus: Personal Resource Toolkit (value2999)

Bonus: Whatsapp Support Group 

Bonus: Access Replays At Your Convenience 

Enrich Yourself With Modalities like – Law Of Attraction, NLP, Mindfulness, Consciousness


Attune With Yourself

Identify Your Thoughts, Patterns, Beliefs & Goals

Feel More Positive, Focused & Confident  

Harmonize With Invisible Energies

Daily Align With The Energetic Language Of The Universe

The Ask & Receive Process

Eliminate Energy Deflators

Multiply Abundance

Have Joyful Relationships

Improve Your Health

Become Energy Of Happiness

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There are various modalities and books, which talk about the universe, the law of attraction, visualization, thoughts and energies. After been studying this subject for the last 22 years and applying it in different forms in my life and the lives of others I present to you REBORN.


There are whole lots of silent communications that we have with the Universe. These lead to Unconscious Creations, which could be favourable or problematic. Hence, if you find yourself looping in patterns or grappling with problems your energies could be out of sync. 


If you ever wonder 

Why are the problems there? 

How come they have not gone as yet? 

Why does the same pattern repeat?

How come in spite of hard work you are still unsuccessful?

Why your efforts don’t bear results? 

When will the health improve?

When will more money show up?

When will happiness finally visit you?

You would like to access the information that I will be sharing with you during the workshop. 


I conducted an experimental workshop with 

256 Real people just like YOU in 2018.

They were going through real problems daily, having real issues like unemployment, lack of money, unfulfilled relationships, depression among others. They too were living their life on an auto mode and unconsciously. This was the crux of their unhappiness. 


The Workshop was a game-changer.

All the 256 participants had transformed. 


They used the tools, which I will share during the workshop in order to attract jobs, better relationships, healthier living and happiness. The moment they chose to be more aware let go of what was not working and be a different vibration they started to attract benefits. 


I invite you to Reborn – Master class. A workshop that will be your manual to equip you with all the insights, understanding and knowledge you need to live an extraordinary life. Don’t just enroll for it. Apply it. 

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Aarti is a TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author, NLP & Gestalt Master Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Consciousness Maestro & Trainer. She has over 21 International Certifications in her field and has helped people across the globe to overcome health, life and emotional issues like finance, stress, migraine, depression, separation, vertigo, anxiety, fear, addictions and more. 


She has trained over 3000+ people on subjects like “Money Consciousness"  “Law of Attraction” “Universal Consciousness” “Conscious Living” and “Conscious Bodies” amongst others. 


Every seminar she conducts whether, with Rotaries, Clubs, Schools, Corporates, Societies or personally are insightful, inspire action and unleash tremendous change. 


Her clientele includes many business professionals like Editor-Chief Youth Incorporated, High Fashion photographer Amit Khanna, Screenplay Writer Niranjan Iyengar, Dr Karan Gupta, Lowe Lintas and Times Group among others.

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At Kitab Khana

8 Amazing Breakthroughs You Will Enjoy By Applying The Tools From This Masterclass

Access Your Subconscious

"What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create" – Buddha.

It all begins in the mind and once you learn the art of communication with the subconscious there is no stopping you.   

Learn How To Ask & Receive

If you don’t ask for what you desire you will have to deal with whatever is served. Hence, it's important to know what you desire, your goals and what you like to move towards. This is a very essential part of the law of attraction. Remember it is “Ask and it shall be given” This is the first step in the creation process.   

Unravel Your

Self - Talk

Words we speak have a direct impact on the way our life functions. These words are not just the spoken ones but the continuous silent, internal communication that you have with yourself and the Universe. When you use the right language, you open up the gates for great good coming into your life.   

Open Up Your Receiving Capacity

We all have a receiving capacity that controls how much one can receive. If your receiving capacity is limited, you will not only, not be able to receive but also be oblivious to the opportunities that show up. Expand your receiving so that you can have more abundance in your life.   

Eliminate Energy Deflators

Are there people, places, tasks that tend to pull you down? Do you feel heavy when you wake up? Energies in the environment continue to impact us, and once we know how to deal with the same, our paths get cleared up. This allows more to show up quicker.   

Stop Self - Sabotage

The cause of many problems is the act of self – sabotage. You may reach the point where you are going to close a deal, and the client may abruptly backout. A relationship going really well all of a sudden turns sour. You may recover from one illness, and another shows up. These are signs that you could be self – sabotaging. Awareness of the same sets you free.   

Manifest The Life You Want

The more you connect with your self, the more comfortable you'll find to manifest the experiences and outcomes you desire.

Why? Conscious Creation is about "Knowing Thyself" and then allowing the magic to unfold. From manifesting wealth to becoming happier, to creating a life filled with love, ease and abundance… you'll discover how enjoyable it can be to manifest the life of your dreams when you learn to align self with the universe

A Healthier & Happier You

As you begin to attract all that you desire with ease you will observe that in a very natural and effortless way you begin to feel healthier and happier. The whole programming of the body changes when your subconscious learns a new enjoyable way to create a life that you always dreamed of. 


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  Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?  


How The Program Works


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Enrol yourself with complete details and complete payment


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Login In

You will receive login details in your INBOX 2 days - prior to the workshop. You will also be added to a Whatsapp Group during the duration of the workshop. 


LIVE Transformational Masterclass (value 7999)

Step By Step - Access Your Subconscious  (value 3999)

Step By Step - Learn How To Ask & Receive (value 3999)

Step By Step - Unravel Your Self – Talk (value 3999)

Step By Step - Open Up Your Receiving Capacity (value 3999)

Step By Step - Eliminate Energy Deflators (value 3999)

Step By Step - Stop Self – Sabotage (value 3999)

Step By Step - Manifest The Life You Want (value 3999)

Bonus: Ready-Made Templates (value 2999) 

Bonus: Community Of Like-Minded People (complimentary)

Bonus: Personal Resource Toolkit (value 2999) 

Bonus: Whatsapp Support Group (complimentary)

Bonus: Access Replays At Your Convenience (complimentary)

Enrich Yourself With Modalities like – Law Of Attraction, NLP, Mindfulness, Consciousness

Total Value INR 41999

INR 4995 Today!

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How does it work?

Once you enrol for the workshop by clicking on the Register Now / Enrol button, you will be taken to a payment gateway. After you complete the registration process you will receive a receipt in your inbox. Two days prior to the workshop you will be added to a VIP Group and receive a link to access the workshop. We begin on 1st July 2020


On what platform will I be able to access it?

The LIVE classes will be held on Zoom. You will receive daily assignments and replay in your google Inbox


When do we have the LIVE sessions? 

We begin on July 1st ( Wed )  and have live classes daily till 5th July ( Sun ) 

What will be the timing of the LIVE sessions?

They will be held from 8pm - 9 pm 


What if I have any queries?

All questions can be asked during the LIVE Zoom call as well as on the Whatsapp group during the course of the session. 


Will I be a practitioner or a coach after this workshop?

No. You will receive a certificate of participation


Did it benefit anyone?

Yes. Plenty of individuals just like yourself. Feel free to go through the testimonials provided above as well as on my webpage and YouTube Channel. 


How long do I have access to this program?

Your will have access to the replays and assignments for 45 days.   

Is it essential to do the exercises provided?

Yes! If you want maximum impact, application of the tools is essential.

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