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REBORN - Co-Create Your Life


We all tend to live a part of our existence on auto mode. Plenty of us allow, life to just happen to us, instead of taking on the reigns of our future in our own hands.  The reason for the same is, many are oblivious of what they truly desire, and the few who have an idea may be afraid to ask for it. It is a vicious cycle of wanting and not having.  Unfortunately, life moves on and one could wonder where did all that time go. Isn’t that the exact feeling that you could have felt at the end of the year, “ The year has almost ended and what have I accomplished?” 


It’s time to Co-Create Your Life. Many creators of the world like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga believe in the principle of “What you think You Attract”


In this workshop, you will learn


  • Decode The Mind

  • Learn To Observe Your Thoughts

  • Identify Your Goals

  • Filter out the Noise

  • Create a Vision Board

  • Manifest through Meditation





  • Know what you truly Desire

  • Set Your Goals

  • Move Ahead with Speed

  • Accomplish More

  • Let Go Of Old Patterns and Beliefs

  • Learn to Unlearn

  • Go Beyond Comfort Zone

  • Meet Your Future Self



Investment: INR 4000

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