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There are various modalities and books, which talk about the universe, the law of attraction, visualization, thoughts and energies. After been studying this subject for the last 22 years and applying it in different forms in my life and the lives of others I present to you REBORN. There are whole lots of silent communications that we have with the Universe. These lead to Unconscious Creations, which could be favourable or problematic. Hence, if you find yourself looping in patterns or grappling with problems your energies could be out of sync. If you ever wonder Why are the problems there? How come they have not gone as yet? Why does the same pattern repeat? How come in spite of hard work you are still unsuccessful? Why your efforts don’t bear results? When will the health improve? When will more money show up? When will happiness finally visit you? To access all this information Enrol now and start making that shift.

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