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Mar 21, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023

NLP & Health Modelling

  • 11Days
  • 42Steps


Create a nourishing two-way relationship with your body by tapping into your Body Wisdom and experience a new way of Enjoying your Health NLP's Health Modelling is aimed at generating new pathways, new Neuro-Synaptic-Connections so that we are empowered with the choice to take our Illness and to convert it into Wellness. NLP & Health Consciousness is a course that has been designed to provide the context, the curriculum and the support necessary to master the current state of the art in the applications of NLP technology to health issues. It will provide people with the complete range of skills required to make an impact within the scope of their personal missions. The certification training will give the opportunity for the supervision and inter-vision needed to adapt NLP health skills to individual vocations, cultures and contexts. Work at the Mind. Body & Soul Level.

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