December 16, 2017

Trust The Universe.

The Universe has your back.

The universe has a plan. The moment you throw your question, wish, desire out there the universe starts to rearrange itself to make it happen. 

If you are asking for a million dollars, yes the universe is working towards it...

December 15, 2017


When things are going beautifully in our lives. Finally, all our ASKS start showing up. Work is moving, success on its way you are meeting more and more people, adding new things to your life every day, reading, writing, exploring, travelling, crea...

December 13, 2017


There are a whole lot of things that we might avoid or run away from. Have you observed the more you run, the more it chases you? Whatever you resist persist?

It’s interesting because every time you say “I don’t want” those are the exact things t...

December 12, 2017

What are you giving energy to?

Let’s talk about this simple formula that is often forgotten.

The more you add salt to your food the saltier it will get, the more you add sweet the sweeter.

I’m talking about adding the perfect ingredients to having a life that you actually...

December 11, 2017


On your way up the ladder, a lot of people may leave and you might have to detach from or leave many. But this is not from a space of arrogance but from the awareness that creation is more to you than being disillusioned by this reality.

Let me explain. 

One o...

December 10, 2017


We all have this one problem that has been lingering on for a very long time. We are trying to find solutions to it but in vain.

What are you looking to solve?

Whatever that is, is our problem and our story. We narrate it to people. Try to find solutio...

December 9, 2017

Perspective :

Today is not just about perspective but to help you get aware of all the places where the points of view that you might have, about what is right and what is wrong, functions as a block in your path.

We did an exercise a couple of days back. It was connecte...

December 8, 2017

Once, a long time ago, there was a wise Zen master. People from far and near would seek his counsel and ask for his wisdom. Many would come and ask him to teach them, enlighten them in the way of Zen.

One day an learned man, came to visit the master. 

“I have come t...

December 7, 2017


Today I’m going a little more into the topic of being seen. After I posted the exercise day before, on being seen, I got messages from a couple of people saying. Oh! Facebook ? Instagram there are so many people I know on that group.

Yes, you do. And what could b...