Little Pleasures

"It is the little pleasure put together that make a happy life. You may dismiss your little pleasure as others may consider it insignificant. Do it anyway. It will bring you pleasure. It's your expression. Its your joy." When I started the B52 challenge. I did not know how it would be. I did not have a list of 52 things I would be doing for 52 weeks. All I knew that I was willing to have new experiences, I was willing to do what I did not I was willing to be judged, I was willing to cross some boundaries I was willing to be what it takes. Today’s post I have combined week 5 & 6 together. However insignificant it may sound to many, week before last I did something I could not for the last 20

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. It is a concept when a butterfly flaps its wings it can cause a typhoon. Monday morning as I awoke I was set up to have a new experience. The experience of teaching in a village called Kurar. I miscalculated the time and hence had to hop into a Mumbai Local from Churchgate instead of an Uber to be there on time by 11 am. When you consciously choose to have an experience you are mentally ready to handle things that come your way. Despite the change in transport, rain catching up, travelling through the narrow lanes and finally being dropped off at the wrong destination life was still looking up

The Long Awaited Affair #Week3

Is there an affair that you always wanted to have but never did? Maybe it is time to do that now... For the longest time, I did not pay heed to it. The feeling just continued to linger on. I thought about it often. But also had my excuses. I finally decided to do it. I chose it because it is for me. I chose to have my long awaited affair with a guitar. The soothing sound of someone strumming my favourite song, The experience of holding one myself, The desire to always have one and enjoy it. BUT I also had the EXCUSE for not having the time. I have been in that hole for the longest time. To give you a short recap, I love music, it makes me happy. The first time I saw someone play the guitar l