JUDGEMENTS Newspapers, articles, schools, teacher, relationships, money, siblings and even parents. Judgement is something that the world operates on. Before you are even conceived. There is judgement. Once u come into this world , the way you look, behave, operate, are all judged. Oh! he is just like his father He behaves like his mother No, NO he has gone on his great grand father look at that nose. People have an opinion about everything and why wouldn’t they. They have to say something. The problem is not that they talk. It is how are you receiving it? You might get upset? Aggressive? Angry? Furious? Happy? Delighted? Or you might feel another emotion attached to that judgement. However

Do you receive from YOU?

30 days of Consciousness. Yesterday we did an exercise to learn how to receive rejections and learnt how to just ask and move forward. Today Is all about You & Receiving from You. Little children are full of fun, asking and receiving is not really a problem for them. They are magical beings and things for them keep showing up. What happens when we grow up? We are forced into reality and the magic fades for a whole lot of us. Even though somewhere in all our hearts we would still like to have magic. Receiving from you, is in essence, very important. Our daily roles and responsibilities often make us second in our own lives. What is that you love to do? and when did you do that for yourself la

Just Ask

30 Days Of Consciousness Are you having fun with consciousness? Or would you like a break? Well! I'm having fun. And going to make today a little more funner for those who choose it. This is the perfect time to do this exercise. After all the tips and tools, especially the comfort zone post yesterday. I know this is perfect timing. What is it? Time to burst the bubble. Today you have to go to 5 different people and ask them for one thing that you probably think they will refuse or? What is the purpose of this exercise? Should I tell you now or later, after it's done? Let me just tell you. There is so much more coming up next. Ok, one part of this, is to prove when you think you stink. The re

Comfort Zone

30 days of Consciousness Im sure Barriers down was a super exercise for all of you, who did it. Wasn't it just amazing how by just doing that, the energy changed. There is one more exercise for you all today, which is a step up. It may stir you up, but definitely worth it. STEPPING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Exercise: Our exercise today is. Choose to do one thing that currently creates a discomfort doing it. This is specially linked to all the places that you have been pushing things under the carpet. Not willing to look at it. Avoiding it. Especially the "I will do it tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes, kind of messages that you keep repeating to yourself. Pick up the phone and call that on


30 days of Consciousness How you feeling today? Is there someone you still are resisting to receive from? What about judgements and comments can you receive that? Where all did your barriers go up? What did the barrier feel like? Resistance? Or a wall to protect yourself from others? How much do you resist receiving from some family members? Any particular way you are judging someone and hence whenever that person comes in front of you, your barriers automatically go up? You escape. How much have you blocked in your world by doing so?? All the people you have decided to block out or build a wall they cannot cross, do you receive anything from them? Todays Exercise is BARRIERS DOWN. What is a


30 Days of Consciousness: Receiving is such a vast topic, we cannot speak only about receiving for 30 days, but I would definitely like to speak a little more about it. We have a lot of pre conceived notions in our minds about people, places, cultures, religion, sexes, preferences, roles, politics, societies, celebrities, taxes, policies and the list can go on and on. It actually can be filled up by pages. The important thing to notice or realise about this is how many points of view are we holding in place so that this does not change? How much resistance do we have to these people, things & thoughts. The more restricted we are in our minds with regards to all of this, the more we block our

Roles & Receiving

30 Days of Consciousness What are you willing to receive and from whom? We have a whole lot of people in our lives our parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, colleagues so and so forth. We have given each relation certain roles and responsibilities. For example, for my birthday my husband can buy me the Rolex, my friend the dress and the acquaintance the flowers. Doesn't that seem right?? Wrong. It is the trap of these roles, that have limited our ability to receive. Based on these roles we decide who can and cannot gift us what. What if we could drop all the roles and receive. Look at it as the universe gifting to you, not a person. I can literally at this moment feel the resistance. I

No, No, No , Noooo - Universe is listening

30 days of Consciousness - Day 6 So far… Superb!! How does it get any better ;-) Have you started adding more magic and consciousness as yet or not? If not yet, my next question might throw some more light. My question is You are asking, but are you willing to receive?? There is a whole lot about receiving and we will be touching on a couple of them, however for today its about refusing to receive with "No". Receiving is something that a whole lot of us don’t do. We may ask, ask, ask, and when it shows up we go, No No No No Noooooooo. And the universe shuts down. Okay then! You don’t want it so I won't give it anymore. There are two parts to this For example. You asked to look gorgeous. Whe

I love Big BUT-T's

30 Days Of Consciousness - Day 5 Well I am on a roll of introducing you to words you have been using wrong all along and I’m lovin it. Just wondering how amazing this is going to be. Today is all about your big BUT-T Haha! Not a not weight loss one it's about the BUT that comes in between everything you actually desire. Yes! I would like this BUT I got the opportunity BUT BUT they will never allow it BUT I was only BUT I have no money BUT there was no one to look after him. Yes!! This BUT BUT is used to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated according to google. It is a convenient way to say its impossible. When you say its impossible it it. I came across a v

Let's Address Your "WANT"

30 Days Of Consciousness: Day 4 All words have power. They have energy of its own. Where do you think words originated? Who came up with words based on what? Have you ever even thought about that? Or wondered if that would make a difference to your world at all. We all use words, but do we really know what they mean? If you go back to the dictionary published before 1946, it will give you clearer meaning words and their definitions. Over a period of time the meaning of words have been confused, altered, doctored to suit the masses. The basis of Switch-words, a modality of energy work, is also based on the concept that words have energy to them. So why am I going on about words? What is the c

What energy are you willing to BE?

30 - days of Consciousness Day 3 What energy are you willing to be? What do I mean by “BE”? In order for something to be working for us we need to BE that energy. Yes! you ask the Universe, but are you willing to be that too?? Let me give you an example. If you want to be healthy, do you constantly think about how unhealthy you are? Speak about it? Or have you started to change that mindset to "HEALTHY"? A lot of people will go, "but the fact is that, I am unhealthy", and probably you are. But have you recovered by thinking about how unhealthy you are? If you want to loose weight, are you sitting and eating on the couch or are you being the energy of moving around and taking action towards

Interesting Point Of View

30 Days Of Consciousness : Day 2 How was the ask exercise? Were you able to put anything down? If not, no problem. Take a few minutes and do that now. Write down just one ask that you have because todays exercise is extension to what we did yesterday. Here we go Exercise 2: Well today we are going to look at our ask. A this moment look at your ask. One million dollar by the end of the year. Excited??? Wow. That would be so amazing. But wait! Whats that??? Yes! that other thought that followed it... yes yes, right there in your subconscious... that faint little sound. (faint sound) Really? Can this happen? I have wished for this several times What stupidity is this? Oh ! I think 1 million is

Ask & You Shall Receive

We are starting Today a - 30 Day Consciousness Workshop on this blog. Hop on if you like. Daily I shall be posting Tools & Exercises to add more change and consciousness to your life, if you choose it. Today's Exercise is ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE: One of the first tools I would like to share with you is ASK. And even though the bilble says “ ASK and You Shall Receive”, how many of us really get down to asking. For some asking might be wrong and others a challenge. However the universe has no judgement and when you ask, the universe can't wait to respond and gift to you. This first exercise of asking is very important as we will be doing a whole lot of exercises based on that. So don't wait