In the last few years, I have come across tons of people who are feeling a void, a lack of connection and loneliness. To tell you quite honestly I have struggled through ...
An Ear To Hear
30 min
Free (Every TUESDAY)

An Ear To Hear is an initiative to help those willing to take the first step towards breaking out of their limitations.  You can schedule your Free 30-minute session with me any Tuesday. If you like to change where you are, you have to choose. Choose to CONNECT NOW. 


FREE SESSIONS EVERY TUESDAY 2pm- 2.30pm- | 2.40pm - 3.10pm | 10pm -10.30pm | 10.40pm - 11.10pm| 


You can send me an email or click "BOOK" in order to schedule your session. 



·       This is a complimentary half-hour session.  ​​

·       After your complimentary sessions you are most welcome to schedule a paid session when you like.

·       This is only for people genuinely choosing a change. 


   An Ear To Hear is not for entertainment purpose. Please respect the space.