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What is Alive?    


Are you waiting for the future to happen to you or are you creating your future?


I am well aware that the times are uncertain and one may not know where one may be headed. And in these precise conditions, it is common for one to while away their time waiting in anticipation for things to change.  It may be typical to allow life to just happen and before you know it, this period will be over leaving you wondering, "What have I accomplished?" 


So when all this is over 

Will you be ready for the future? 

Are you polishing your skills now?

Are you training your senses?

And strengthening your mind?


I invite you to ALIVE.  A 7 - day self-discovery and self- empowerment online workshop. 


- Daily Posts

- Daily tools of awareness 

- Insights into the present & creating with consciousness

-Experience Yourself Exercises

- Group activity meet (for those who can make it and who would like to not compulsory)

- Meditation



By being a part of this you will


-Learn to become more present with yourself. 

-Learn to have more fun each day

-Start living your life

-Have several experiences and insights

- 7 days uplift your energies


Finally! A place from where you will consciously start creating your life with YOU as the creative force.


I am so looking forward to this

Invest your time Now in your growth and the future will be brighter guaranteed



Investment - 4999


Secrets From Alive

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